Brace yourself, GM´s DAY SALE is here

Hi everyone,

whenever there is an (artificial) holiday coming, me and every other entity that is after your “dough” throws a sale, and the GM´s DAY is no different. If you want to learn about the titles of mine that are on sale, read on. Otherwise, please just take not that I offer a new pay-what-you-want product for you as well: 50 German Names for Towns / Villages.

! Attention! Only till the end of the GM´S DAY Sale on

Failed Future 001 BUNDLE

Curses & the Dark Arts BUNDLE

Post-Apocalyptic Bundle 001

Post-Apocalyptic Names BUNDLE

Swords & Curses BUNDLE

100 Names of Post-Apocalyptic Tribes

20 Encounters on a Haunted Road in the Carpathians of Old

20 Game Animals for the Weird Irradiated Post-Apocalypse

20 Zombie Encounters for the Irradiated Weird Post-Apocalyptic Future

25 Possible Side-Effects of Cryostasis

30 Drawbacks for Scifi-Vampires

30 Magical Weapons for Use in OSR Fantasy Games

30 Malfunctions for Suits of Powered Armor

50 Curses

50 Elixirs for Classic RPG

50 Ideas for Enchanted Modern Firearms

50 Radioactive Curses

99 Exotic Sounding Names

99 Names for Post-Apocalyptic Settlements

Examples of the Dark Arts

Examples of the Dark Arts Vol02

Examples of the Dark Arts (Powered by FATE)

Failed- Fallout Shelters

Looks & Details of Post-Apocalyptic Marauders

Looks & Loot of Degenerated Underground Dwellers

Loot Tables for Stuff inside of Post-Apocalyptic Battlecars

Slipping into Other-Space


Ssssnake-Men!!!(Powered by FATE)

Strange & Cruel Personal Titles

The Radioactive Spellbook

Weird Contaminated World Vol01

Weird Contaminated World Vol02

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day!



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