6 Items from the Realm of the Elves

In most backgrounds of fantasy RPG, the regions that are the domains of the elves are special. They are mythical, magical places and sometimes not even part of the same world as that of mankind. These are places of wonder, harmony and both beauty and hidden power. I was lately thinking about how to insert elves into an alternate earth history for Lamentations of the Flame Princess (to allow them as player characters without to much changes to the historical accurate part of my alternate Europe) and while I did, I brewed up some items from the realms of the Elves I want to share with you here.

The rules are meant to be compatible with most OSR games.

01# Water from an Everspring Fountain
Those fountains are not uncommon in the domains of the elves, but hard to find anywhere else as everything but “near perfect harmony of nature” (or so the Elves say) robs them of their power. A cup full of water that was taken from an Everspring Fountain will heal most wounds immediately (2d6 hit points), but it loses its power over time (one less hit point is healed for each day since the water was taken from the fountain).

02# Elven Mail
The mail armor of the Elves is rare and it is even more rare for them to give it to those not of their kind. It so fine and thin that one could think that it is purely for decoration and ceremony, but although it does not encumber its wearer more than leather armor would, it is as durable as human chainmail.

03# Elven Long Knife
While many Elves do not wear swords they often wear a sharp knife with a blade more than a foot in length, and slightly curved. These weapons are told to be light as a feather, and a skilled fighter can strike with them quickly to deal deep cuts or to deliver deadly thrusts. Against an opponent with mediocre or low Dexterity, a character who fights with an Elven Long Knife gains a damage bonus equal to his or her Agility bonus.

04# Elven Wine
The wine of the Elves is usually red and rich in taste, and while it does not seem to be strong at first it goes to the head rather quickly (unless one is  a dwarf, in which case the wine has no effect at all). Elven Wine never gives penalties to Wisdom and it never causes a hang-over, but has all of the other effects (good and ill) of alcohol.

05# Elven Rope
Also known as “Silverrope” among the elves and those who are familiar with their culture, these ropes were not created from hemp, cotton or linen but out of a plant named Moonbride which is similar to hemp but different in color and for some reason next to impossible to cultivate (at least, by regular means). Silverrope is twice as strong and durable as a regular rope of its thickness, but rare (even for an elf).

06# Silver Forelock Talisman
A simple talisman in the form of a silvery tress that was taken from the forelock of an unicorn. For the talisman to work, the unicorn must have parted from this piece of its mane willingly. Few individuals are able to develop such a bound with these elusive creatures. To a wearer with a non-chaotic alignment the talisman provides a re-roll to all failed Saving Throws vs. Magic/Magical Devices. As soon as it is touched by a character with a chaotic/evil alignment, the tress shrinks and withers away, just as if one would have held it to a flame (and the talisman is destroyed).



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