“Rivals for Glory” -AddOn

As FFG released its GM-Kit for BlackCrusade(tm), the booklet included a small-scale adventure called “Rivals for Glory”. Back then, I was still big about writing “fanware add-ons” for the different 40K-RPG titles and eventually ended up writing one for this module, too. Now, that my English is better and my available StockArt-pool grows, I re-release my fan-work again. The PDF you will get through this link contains some minor changes to the adventure, a few rules suggestions and some additional encounters.

If you are not familiar with BlackCrusade(tm), you may still want to have a look at the provided material: the basic premises of the original module are pretty much “Chaos-Demon-HeavyMetal-SciFi-stuff”, so if you file of the serial numbers and rip out the rules to insert your own, the encounters might still be useful to you.





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