[SHA] Loot Tables for Hover-car Wrecks

I created another one. Loot Tables for Hover-car Wrecks is the well-behaved (but codependent) sister of Loot Tables for Stuff inside of post-apocalyptic Battlecars. And YOU shall have it for a discount price (till 31st of March 2017).

coverI call my mind-child codependent because it is not only “compatible with” but in fact “written for” MutantFuture(tm): a lot of the entries in the different tables will refer to items found in the MF core rule book (click the link above to get a free copy).

Talking about tables and entries: Loot Tables for Hover-car Wrecks includes a main table with 65 entries and 14 sub-tables with further items. Using the tables is simple: roll two times (on the main table) to create a wreck that has been plundered before, and five times (or more) to create one that still has some “treasure” in it. Last but not least, a few new Mutant Future(tm) compatible items (Gizmos & Junk) are included as well.

The dice to be used are d100; d20, d12, d8 and d6. The post-apocalyptic future is yours, populate it with wrecks!

Oh! And when you use the link above till 31st of March 2017, you will get the title for $0.50  (instead of $0.75).


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