Using Fleshscape in other RPG

The world of the micro-RPG Fleshscape (which I wrote about in my last post)is a rather special one, and it thereby does not look ripe for adaption at first. But I think that the idea and (most of all) the basic economy of this weird world may be useful for an odd session or two in other RPG as well.

CARCOSA, for exampleis a world shaped by lovecraftian gods and is a bizarre place in its own right. It would be easy to insert the Fleshscape as a large region (or domain) into it. It could be located in a vast valley, in a network of cracks, chasms and canyons or could just exist under ground, with large maws being the only way of entering it. Only few “natives” would live there (perhaps a tribe or three) who venerate “the Flesh”, and they might be very hostile to any travelers that do not want to convert.

The world of Chthonian Highways may be home to such a landscape as well, and it might cover hundreds of miles in all directions. It could be a god that grows, and a whole (mini-)campaign could center on a group of brave (or simply desperate) survivors who drive into the Fleshscape in search of a heart, a head, a brain… or anything else that could be destroyed in order to make it slow but merciless growth stop.

Black Crusade (40k) has a planet in the Vortex that is very similar to the Fleshscape: the Writhing World. In fact, the two have so much in common that a GM should have an easy time to use material from the one as inspiration for the other.

In a game of DarkHeresy, it could be the “escape trick” of a chaos warlock to pass through a portal into the Fleshscape. Characters that decided to follow him “to end it” should earn a Fate Point, especially as they will be in for “CP per hours” while they hunt their quarry.

In a setting like Lamentations of the Flame Princess the GM could insert a gate to the Fleshscape as well, one that a mighty wizard or a bizarre cult has created. The antagonist of an adventure may make use of the strange beasts and some tribesmen as guards and vassals (or objects for study), which are in turn acquired from the natives of the Fleshscape in exchange for weapons made of steel. As some of this otherworldly creatures (or men) are finally unleashed, the PC will come into action (one way or the other) , only too face the antagonist who promptly flees through the Gate of Flesh. Will the PC just try to destroy the gate and consider the deed done, or will they follow the villain to end it once and for all? In fact, an adventure like that does not even need to unleash flesh-monsters at first: the native tribesmen of Fleshscape (that serve the antagonist) will be weird enough to provoke an investigation, due to the wide eyes they stare at the world around them with as well as their strange behavior, clothes and personal items. And when one of them begins to eat a slain foe right after a fight, somebody will want to find out about their whereabouts for sure….


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