[SHA] Codes of Conduct

Time for another release. This time I leave the post-apocalypse and the weird realms of dark-fantasy behind me for a while to enter the Kingdom of Vanilla Fantasy in order to release Codes of Conduct.

This title provides you 35 possible principles for (guess what?) codes of conduct. A GM that wants to create a special “code of honor” for a PC class or an NPC caste (or complete fantasy folk) may use them for inspiration, players who want to flesh out a personal code of behavior for their PC (either as part of a “disadvantage” or for the roleplaying experience of it) may do so, too.

Some of the entries include [optional suggestions] (always written in brackets, like those in the example). Those should be filled with something that fits the game world and the character in question. Below you will find the first 15 principles, so that you get an idea what this is all about.

cover_80p01# Never take up the weapons or the armor of a fallen. The death of its former owner made those items baneful.

02# The tenth of all your gains shall become an offering to your [god/s; clan;
brotherhood ].

03# Gems are the blood and tears of [the Gods], they are to be gifted to [a temple]
so that they are placed  into icons of veneration.

04# Friend or Foe, leave no body without a funeral prayer.

05# Women are not to be harmed in a serious way. A woman who has harmed you shall not be treated like a woman by you from that moment on.

06# Ready yourself for battle if it has to be, but never be the first to strike.

07# Never kill at range, such is the way of the coward.

08# Always face your enemy, only a coward attacks from behind. This is true for
every situation but in the midst of an ongoing battle.

09# If another challenges you, accept the challenge or offer a gift instead, as a
gesture of inferiority.

10# Harm yourself with one cut (1 damage) after you have killed in battle, no
matter if you killed one or many: the need to spill blood shall be testified by
spilling your own.

11# Fasten every other day.

12# You are not to tell a lie. Say the truth or say nothing at all

13# Let your own wounds heal naturally for a day, as suffering is a teacher not to
be dismissed.

14# Do not have dealings with [dragons] nor with those who use their [image or
name], and do not use anything that does.

15# Introduce yourself by name and reveal your face to those you want to speak to,
and do not speak to those who do not.

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