Traits for 40k Underhive Gangers

40K underhive gangs. I don´t know about you, but I cannot say (or write) the word without pictures of brutal men forming in my mind, short haired or bald, muscle-packed and tattooed, with a mean gleam in their eyes and a dastardly grin on their faces. They are the kind of people that survive by either being the meanest son of a gun around or by belonging to the meanest bunch of such within the next two klicks around. And to achieve the one or the other, one needs to be as tough as nails and as brutal as a slice with a glass shard.

Naturally, those types lend themselves well to the role of the antagonist for a group of Throne Agents (Acolytes), as those gangbangers are among the few people in an Imperial hive that will not give a damn about the Emperor, the Imperium or any other authority that is not actually coming down to them. And IF they are coming down to them, they will be ready to fight like cornered rats.

In the 40K adventure “Desolation of the Damned” this was actually happening, or at least in my version of it, as my players were a cell of hardliners that would not deal with or take s**t from a score of scumbags. And I don´t blame my players here, that is what we planned for the group to be right from the start, just to see if this approach would actually work. So, I needed to prepare for the PC to bust some heads, and thereby made myself a list: my soon to be combat fodder should at least look a little bit different from one another. As usual, I failed to bring my preparations to bear during the game session, but since the work was already done, I decided to polish it a little more and make it available.

So, if you need to add some detail to your underhive scum next time, open up your copy of that list here (see download link), so that you can focus your time and enery on something more important.


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