A Dark FATE continues

Today I finished my work on a powered-by-FATE(tm) compatible version of my Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.02.  Unlike its predecessor, Vol.02 is a straight item list without any “fluff text”, but puts the focus on the items and the rules. And of course, I made some minor changes to some of the items, in […]

10 Tracks for DarkFantasy RPG

Today my friends and I will meet again to continue the adventure of the three men that went to Dunnsmouth, and I just made my self familiar with my soundtrack playlist again. I prefer to have a list that offers different options but is less than twenty tracks large (after all, one needs to navigate […]

[SPOTLIGHT] Badlands Terrain DDT

I hate google for bugging me, but to many creative minds have decided to use google groups to ignore them completely. For example, Die Drop Table Hell includes a post about this Badlands Terrain DDT by Christopher Weeks (which you may also download from here). As it is often the case with a DDT, the […]

[Spotlight] Guests for Dinner

„Guests for Dinner“ is a pay-what-you-want, OSR-fantasy dungeon crawl that weighs in at 10 pages, 7 of them including the little OSR run-in-dungeon it is, as well as a quick guide to a nearby town, how and why the dungeon is what it is, and a small (half page) primer on „character-funnel-type play“. The dungeon […]

Meet the Spider-Wretches

The Spider-Wretches are a breed of mutants I came up with when I wrote some additional scenes and encounters for Rivals for Glory. They aren´t very original, but if you search for some filler-monsters to populate parts of your underground tunnels, ruins, vaults and ruins with, they are as good as anything else you might […]