[SHA] Fantastic Titles for the Post-A & Samples


The Heavenly Bishop of the Cyan Burrows

The Warlord of the Insatiable Mercenaries

The Sinful Chief of the Baneful Refinery

The Lord of the Ancient Barrens

The Aberrant Lawgiver of the Cancerous High-Rise

If you have use for titles like that, this product is for you! With three or four rolls of the dice you may get yourself an inspiration for a post-apocalyptic warlord and his or her domain, your next adventure´s main antagonist or for a strange encounter along the way.

One table, three columns with 100 entries each, LOTS of possibilites! Just use a d100 (aka “percentile dice”) to determine a (first column of the table, e.g. “Butcher”), a domain (second column, e.g. “Dome”) and an adjective (third column, e.g “Demonic”) for the domain (and optionally, another one for the title. Et violá! There you have the Butcher of the Demonic Dome or the Phat Butcher of the Demonic Dome.

Talking about sample titles: to make this blog post a little more worthwhile to you, I added some sample titles that I generated with a couple of d100-results from roll-dice-online.com

The Cruel Titan of the Fierce Canyon
My interpretation: The Fierce Canyon is a semi-permanent encampment of raiders, slavers and those merchants and do-no-goods that strike deals with them. As the name already suggests, it is located inside a deep canyon so that it may not be easily located from afar (but the guards on the edge of it have an either time to spot large groups of travelers or convoys). In order to learn about the place, one needs to talk to one of those who know about it.

The current self-proclaimed head of Fierce Canyon is Yasmin, a woman of hispanic descent who might be close to 40 years old or even a bit older already. Nobody will ever dare to ask, so. She has not always been the head of Fierce Canyon, as every couple of years somebody tries to topple the current “ruler”  for the “market fee” that the head of Fierce Canyon may extort from all who sell something there, in exchange for “up-keeping the order”. “Order” means that deals are honored and fights of any kind do not escalate, it does not mean that nobody dies in Fierce Canyon.

While Yasmin keeps a number of thugs, guards and hired guns around, her real asset is a strange mutant she calls Jeremy. Jeremy is more than 13´ tall, his rough, hairless skin is burned from the sun and always flakes away at this place or that. Aside from grunts, growls or curious cooing, Jeremy knows only two ways of making himself understood: the word “No!” and violence. When not at the site of Yasmin, the titanic Jeremy strolls about the camps and shanty towns and does whatever he pleases to do. Mostly, he just walks around and looks at the people, sometimes he grows curious and inspects somebody or something. The regulars of Fierce Canyon have learned to allow him to do whatever he wants. He is not cruel or vicious all the time, but he gets both as soon as somebody denies something to him. And woe to anybody but Yasmin who dares to say “No!” to him.

One day, a group of gunmen tried to shoot Jeremy down. They pulled out machine pistols and even an smg and opened up fired. The bullets wounded Jeremy for sure, but not enough to stop him dead in his tracks. Even as they blasted away at him, he kicked one of them away and send him flying backwards into the wreck of an old pick-up (that was used as an auction block by a local slave trader), hit another into the face so hard that half of the skull was crushed and finally, he pulled and twisted the arm of the last assailant right out of the shoulder joint. As Jeremy walked back to Yasmin, he stumbled, blood dripped from his mouth and from the gunshot wounds all over his body, but he survived (with a bit of help from the best doctor Yasmin could find). Everybody in Fierce Canyon knows that Jeremy can be killed, but nobody wants to be among those who are going to die trying.

Further results for inspiration:

The Unbeaten of the Evil Damned

The White Enslaver of the Heartless Alliance

The Doombringer of the Contaminated Riders

The Heavenly Archon of the Ghastly Crossing


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