[PWYW] 50 Names of SciFi Conflicts

cover_blogDo you need some petty war that is going on at the edges of your universe? Are you playing a merc and want to bolster your background with some battles you have fought in? Will your PC start a salvage operation on some old warship and you want to name the battle it was in? Are the players after some weapon cache from a war of the past to sell the goods on the black market? Or do you just need some inspiration for your „Interstellar Rebellion One-Shot-Adventure“?

50 Names of SciFi Conflicts has you covered. You get 50 names that will serve as an inspiration, on a pay-what-you-want basis with a a preview that shows it ALL to you up front. The license even allows you to use it in your own projects, private and commercial, on a „share-alike-basis“.

..and if you are averse to PDF´s, you get all of the content here in this blog post.

  Names for SciFi Conflicts
1 The Colonial War of Independence
2 The Exodus War
3 The Battle of Eden IV
4 The Bashal Sedition War
5 The Tax Rebellion Wars
6 The Great Resource Moon War
7 The Gen-Hybrid Rebellion
8 The Decade of Ursupation
9 The Reptoid Invasion
10 The Zaibatsu-WestCorp Conflict
11 The Campaign against the Slave-Raiders
12 The Terra Schismn
13 The Marsian Civil War
14 The GenVat-Rebellion
15 The BioAn Uprising
16 The Five Month Sedition
17 The Conflict of the Three Suns
18 The Solilux Intervention
19 The Treachery of the Four
20 The Undersea Miner Upheaval
21 The Sirion IV Campaign
22 The Pacification of New Hong Kong
23 The Liberation of Belia III
24 The Great Interstellar War
25 The Android Wars
26 The Ossirum Conflict
27 The Pearlstar Blockade
28 The Neuro-Bombing of Hephastus II
29 The Pacifica System Civil War
30 The Second Xeno-Cleansing
31 The Campaign against the Outer-Void-Pirates
32 The Defense of NewMark
33 The Android Wars
34 The Fleet A.I. Insurgence
35 The 136 Days of Silence
36 The Second Return
37 The Quartermas Infestation
38 The Trans-Dimensional Invasion
39 The Hivewars
40 The Siege of Braunstein V
41 The Termilox Inccident
42 The Battle of Nebula 0387x
43 The Second Lihdren Campaign
44 The Recapture of Caridos II
45 The Destruction of the N´Zra Marauder-Fleet
46 The Treason of the Admiral Connerly-Pfeil
47 The Reinstatement of the Great Senat
48 The Collapse of Fringe Sector Epsilon
49 The Overthrow of Third Subsector Command
50 The Second Mi-Go Emergence


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