A Dark FATE continues

Today I finished my work on a powered-by-FATE(tm) compatible version of my Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.02.  Unlike its predecessor, Vol.02 is a straight item list without any “fluff text”, but puts the focus on the items and the rules. And of course, I made some minor changes to some of the items, in order to integrate them into the new rules set. And until the end of April 2017, you are able to get this title for a reduced price at drivethrurpg.com by following the link above.

So much for the sales talks. Now, lets get to the stuff you are all here for: free examples of some of the items included in Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.02 (PbF)

07# A blood-stained blindfold made of linen. A non-eyeless character that puts it on will be able to “see” with closed eyes as far as 20 feet. Darkness, fog, smoke etc. will not block this sight, even if it was created by magic. The corners of the field of view are blurred and everything that is not within the same zone is shrouded in pitch-black darkness. When the character takes the blindfold off, a Will-based Defend-Action against a good(+3) resistance must be passed. On a failure a Curse is bestowed upon the character and he or she will now be Temporarily Blinded. This is a (mild) Consequence that the character may recover from by him-/herself using Will. The effect of the blindfold will negate the blindness (see above), but the character cannot recover from the Curse as long as he or she used the blindfold on that day.

15# A talisman made from the hair and index finger bone of a witch. The wearer of the talisman will never need to eat but every food that was in the characters immediate
surrounding for at least a scene will spoil at the end of it.

27# An amulet made of a yellow quartz cased in copper. A tiny inscription on its back says “Truth is only found within”. While wearing this amulet a character can tell lies in such a credible way that only the most obvious falsehood won´t be accepted (by spending a Fate Point). At the time of dusk on every day the character used the amulet, he or she will suffer from heartburn and stomach cramps and will throw up a foul reeking yellow-green slime. The heartburn and stomach cramps will stay with the character, and he or she gains the Consequence “Residue of Falseness”. If the character dies while “Residue of Falseness” is still in effect, a foul-reeking, yellowgreen blob creature will flow out of the corpse´s mouth and try to overpower and flow into another
victim. The blob´s size, Fight-Skill and Stress Boxes are all determined by the severity of the Consequence “Residue of Falseness” (2 / 4 / 6). The damage shifts it generates in combat turns into the “Residue of Falseness” Consequence and are subtracted from its own Stress Boxes.


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