Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/P02)

[Second part of the report of my second session about the three men who went to Dunnsmouth ]

The home of Pearce Dunlop rested on one of the few remaining patches of solid earth and the characters soon had to pull their swamp boat like a sledge once more, but this time they were not treading on muddy ground but on grassland. A soft glow shone in the thickening mist ahead of them. They already had heard from Johan van Kaus that the Dunlops were “wealthy, and always have been”, but as the mist parted they were surprised to see a small manor, with a few stone steps leading to a raised door flanked by pillars reminiscent of old roman architecture. The door itself was made of an exotic, dark wood non of the characters knew. There once must have been an engraving , a heraldic emblem perhaps, but it had faded so much that it was impossible to tell if that beast walking on its hind legs was a bear, a lion, an eagle or something else entirely. After they announced themselves with a bronze knocker that had long turned green with patina they waited patiently under the dim lantern above (that burned with fish oil) till a burly lad in lackey´s uniform to small for his size came to the door . Even if they would not have already known that the head of the Dunlop family was served by two of the Samson´s, they would have known Abraham´s heritage by his ugly pig-face alone. The sturdy servant was wary of the armed group, but as they were accompanied by Herod they were asked in and led into a small parlor. Fire was lit for them and they were asked to make themselves comfortable on the worn but still comfy leather furniture while they would be announced to Pearce Dunlop. They had to wait quite a while but were served ginger tea and pastries (they later were rather tasteless and hard) by Abraham and his wife Agnes (a woman with hips like a horse), the house maid. Pearce Dunlop turned out to be a man of old age who was unable to move without the aid of a walking stick, and had thin skin and next to no hair left. While his mind seemed a bit clouded, his eyes were still amazingly sharp and as the three stated their business, he was able to read the wanted posters they had brought along (and casually showed his disregard for woman by simply ignoring the fourth bandit of the Brownfox Brigands solely because she was).

The three quickly found out that Pearce Dunlop was either willful or weak-minded, as he ignored most of what the characters had explained as well as their question but instead offered to hire them to “put and end to the three murderous gallows birds” and to ensure the safety of the manor. Herod Duncaster tried to explain the situation to Pearce again, but the aged patriach rebutted Herod´s interference so sharply that he left the manor in anger. The three shared a look among each other, and after Jasper had ensured that “protecting the manor” did not meant that they had to stay there all the time, they excepted this task as well (after all, it was the same job they had came for and if Pearce Dunlop insisted on paying them as well, why should they decline?). The readiness with which they, strangers, where hired without second thought made them wonder, and so they decided to check the surrounding (and were joined by Herod who had been waiting for them outside). As they checked the bushes, hedges and trees near the manor  Jasper noted that somebody must have sneaked around the house a few days ago. They even noted that one of the trees had been climbed with the help of climbing spurs, and Herod assured that as far as he knew, nobody in Dunnsmouth would own such “..and what for..? We do not venture into the mountains”. But they knew that the brigands they were after came over the mountains, and were not unlikely to own such. Pearce Dunlop or his servants must have noted -something-, so they thought, and that was why they were hired so eagerly. No further trails had been found that could have been followed, but at least they knew that their quarry had been around here in the last few days. Perhaps Dunc Samson would be able to tell them a bit more…

To be continued…


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