[SHA] Looks & Loots of Orcish Marauders

Well, that was a busy week for little me. Thereby, I will get back to posting stuff on my blog by taking baby steps, and the first on is a 50% discount link (valid till end of May) to my new release, Looks & Loots of Orcish Marauders.

The title is as set of random tables to generate (guess what?) the look and possible loot of one or more orcish marauders. It may be used to generate other savage reavers as well, but the title was written for a pseudo-medival fantasy world with humans, dwarfs and elfs.

The contents are:

a d100 table with 50 Looks & Details

six sub-tables to generate further details, among them a table with twenty trophies a
marauder could carry (d20, d10, d8 and d6)

a d100 to generate the loot the marauders have scored already (63 entries)

seven sub-tables to generate further details of the loot (d10, d8, d6)

Some of the tables suggest two different die types, so that the GM may “banish”
the lower entries in the table (in case that they don´t fit the game world).


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