SLÜG it out with Lamentations of the Flame Princess!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARecently, Lamentations of the Flame Princess released a PDF-version of their FREE RPG DAY goodie „Slügs!” (the „dots“ over the „u“ are for „GIANT“, just in case you wondered or took it for a typical Heavy-Metal-Umlaut… I did!). Me, I was able to score one of the 3750 physical copies at the 2016 „SPIEL“ in Essen. While a lot of the Slügs featured in this booklet (yes, it is nothing more and nothing less than a collection of weird Slügs with OSR compatible stats… did you really had to ask?) are just silly/wacko/gonzo/campy, I see use for a lot of them in certain games, scenarios and game worlds. So, get your copy and allow me to give you my personal guided tour to the Slügs.

The Acid Slüg is a strange breed, but so is the game world of Narcosa. Really, I never played it or even read it thoroughly (to me, this was simply out of question), but I guess that a creature like that would make a great addition to the world, and a wonderful random encounter, too! But even if you keep away from Narcosa, a creature like this might be a nice change-of-pace in a Mutant Future(tm) game. After all, this game is ripe with strange mutants, so why not the Acid Slüg?

The Glass Slüg is one that seems to have been MADE for use in the kind of underground-world that may be created with LotFP´s own Veins of the Earth. The little light-trick it is able to play should be a true terror to most characters when they are underground.

Hypno Slügs remind me so much of Futurama´s HypnoToad that I could create an entire species of it! No matter if you are playing Fantasy, Science-Fantasy or Science Fiction OSR games, an encounter with a Hypno-Slüg should be something that is dreaded. And even if it is just for that sudden feel of deja-vu although one cannot remember to  EVER have encountered one before….

A Love Slüg could be at the center of a weird, pervert cult, even outside of the realm of OSR. A 40K-RPG game that features a cult of Slaanesh could have a Love Slüg as a strange, sinister daemonic manifestation at its center. It would for sure surprise the savvy I-know-all-of-the-lore! kind of players, and even the most “experienced” of them might find the “offerings” of the Love Slüg to be bewildering. Of course, such a thing would call for some house-rules in regard to the stats, but nothing a GM should not be able to handle. And talking about cults: the world of Chthonian Highways is known for those as well.

The Mentallo Slüg makes for an excellent make-shift adventure in a weird world setting: the characters end with a question about something (perhaps about how to make use of this magic item they scored for themselves or the where-abouts of a Nemesis), and somebody points out that the answer might be gleaned from a Mentallo Slüg. Of course, the way is dangerous and the quest of the Slüg is not an easy one, either. Mutant Future(tm) should always have room for a Mentallo Slüg on one of the world map hexes, and it could be crammed one into the Veins of the Earth as well. And what about those sleazy star ports and orbital bases one hears about so often?

Like the Mentallo Slüg, the Ocular Slüg makes for a nice “side quest”, under the exact same conditions and in the exact same game worlds as described above.

A Rock Slüg would be a fine encounter in any high-fantasy dungeon and is easily the second most “regular” of all the Slügs that are offered. Is it strange and weird? Yes, it is, but all of that may be explained away as a manifestation of the elemental forces of earth (or stone). And again, it oh so easy to cram it into the Veins of the Earth, although it might become oh so much more dangerous when one takes into account that there may be no light around.

The Spider Slüg is a very “adaptable” creature and the reason why the Rock Slüg only is number two in that ranking. A giant cross-breed between a spider and a slug? Yeah, that is odd for sure, but not THAT odd. The effects on its environment are, and BIG TIME so. Somebody will for sure hire the PC to find out where all that insects are heading to.

Last but not least, the Vomit Slüg is a wonderful thing to gross-out the players and to challenge them with something unexpected. It is only number three of the “easy-adapters-parade”, as the effects of the vomit are… well, quite unique at times. But it is still a beast that you may easily unleash on your PC.

Different world, different Slügs:
if a GM is used to come with some stats all by him-/herself, there is no need to limit those beasties to the OSR games.

Black Crusade/DarkHeresy/Rogue Trade could make use of some of the Slügs mentioned above, either as daemonic beings or as a strange Xenos race that was next to extincted by humankind long ago.

Chthonian Highways may have use for some strange creatures as well. Hypno-Slüg, Love-Slüg, Spider-Slüg and Vomit-Slüg may be used either as centers of a cult or as a one-off encounter in the world after the invasion of the Mythos.

Fleshscape might have some of them as a one-of-a-kind monster, or as rarely encountered type of beasts as well.

Did you like this blog post? Would you like to see some suggestions for different “random results” lists for Hypno-Slüg and Mentallo-Slüg…?

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