Three men went to Dunnsmouth (S02/P03)

(If you missed the start of my session report to my first adventure “Scenic Dunnsmouth”, you can find it here)

The three had to cross the river Dunn, and found out that the surrounding area was largely flooded. They set over cautiously, for the reed that grew high on both sides would provide excellent cover for an ambush. And after all, wouldn´t it be natural for bandits to waylay at a waterway? But the only thing that came dashing out of the plants´cover where a couple of ducks that fled as the boats came closer. The fog lighted a bit as they left the river behind.

The home of Dunc Samson turned out to be a simple lock cabin, surrounded by a pig pen and two further huts that were raised on small patches of rather dry land around the cabin. The characters were able to hear children inside before the deep voice of an angry man (Dunc) made them all shut up. They slowly navigated their skiffs through the net of swamp water channels that surrounded the dry areas and Herod called out to great Dunc, who never the less came out armed with a spiked club. The large guy with the wiry beard all around his face looked less than pleased as he spotted the three and shouted over to Herod “What ar yá and those damnstrangers doing here?!” Herod was able to to keep things civil and to assure Dunc that they were after bandits, “nothing else” and that they wanted to ask him if he had seen any other strangers recently. A mix of cunning and greed lighted up the ugly man´s face, before he yell over to his nosy family that appeared in the door frame that they “Betta get back inside befor ya make me hit ya again!!”. Then, he told the approaching characters that he had seen somebody, but they would only learn about it if they could make it worth his while. The PC are not averse to part with some of the money they already made (in fact, their pursers are FAT with silvery) and so Dunc begins to share what he knows for a piece of silver: he tells them that, as he was fishing at the banks of the river Dunn, somewhere near grounds of Pearce Dunlop, the he saw two strangers at the reef at the other side. His description matches that of the last two bandits the characters are after, Tommy Felkham and Shelly-Ann Webster, so Dunc described “her” as a tall guy with long hair (but it was known to the three that Shelly-Ann locked “unwomanly” and could thereby be mistaken for a guy). As the strangers where obviously armed, Dunc said that he kept his head down and watched from behind a cover of reed while the two pulled a small skiff out of the reed on the other side and traveled down the river with it (towards the coast). He although told them he had seen a woman moving about in the area, and had found out that she had took up residence in an old stone cottage southeast of him.

The three were pondering what to do next and Dunc barged in once or twice… a thing the loud-mouthed Samson should not have done for his own good. At some point, he referred to the two strangers as “one guy and that wench”, which Jasper noted. As he called him out on that (“..didn´t you said that you saw two guys…?”), Dunc went angry rather quickly and ordered them off his grounds, and even threated to attack if they would not leave. While he would have been no match for them, they decided to leave him alone anyway. After all, they did not wanted to risk further harm before they had found their quarry. But they were by now damn sure that Dunc must have lied to them, in one way or the other. Anyway, Cormagh was keen to learn about that woman that was to be found in the southeast. Johan von Kaus, the caretaker, had given them the same description as Dunc just had, and perhaps the other two could be found with her.

To be continued…


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