[40K] Bone Charm Peddler

[Bone Charm Peddler]

A long time ago I wrote up some scenes and fluff for the Hive World of Volg, which is part of the Calixis Sector (and thereby the official background for the 1st edition of DarkHeresy). One of this contributions was the Bone Charm Peddler, which I know release again (with better grammar).

On a market spot (or in another busy area), the PC will notice a hawker who carries a multitude of bones hooked to his belt and strung to his grey-stained coat. “Bones! Bones! Bones from the Old!” he proclaims.

In Volg, it is a rare thing for the masses to die of old age (or more precisely, from organ failure induced by accumulated environmental toxins). Most are claimed by violence, disease and accidents. Thereby, those who expired nigh naturally are believed to have been lucky in there live time. There bodies are sometimes kept away from the regular recyclers (for a “fee”) and handed to more specialized hands. The cleaned bones are returned to the family, and the skull is kept in the household (so that the spirit of the ancestor may protect the family). The other bones (if not obviously deformed or broken in there lifetime) are sold by the family as charms.

Bone Charms are Rare in Volg (population already taken into account), and the PC are lucky to meet a hawker. If they approach him, they do good to mutter something to express their condolence. This is an old custom and it would be perceived as rude if it would not be adhered to. Even worse, the spirit of the dead might be angered and the charm could turn into a curse instead (so the folklore goes).

The actual price and effect is of a Bone Charm is up to the GM (Suggestion: 5 to 10 thrones). Smaller bones are favored (since they are less awkward to carry on person), and they at least count as a charm.

Option A: The tradition says that if in danger, one breaks the dry bone muttering “so my bones will not be broken”. If a PC does so and spends a fate point during the scene or next scene, the GM roles a d10. On a a natural 9, the character´s fate point is not spend.

Option B: There is power to those charms, but this is not to be attributed to the protection of some ancestral spirit. In fact, the creation of Bone Charms involves dark rituals and summoning. The bone needs to be broken as above. The first time the PC would lose wounds during the scene, the GM rolls 1d5+2 and subtracts this from the wounds the pc would lose. But the character will gain half that many corruption points (minimum: one).


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