Soundtrack: Talislanta Wizard Hunter

After I introduced you to some RPG sound tracks of Plate Mail Games that I was able to put to good use in the past, I now want to bring the works of a different publisher to your attention: the Wizard Hunter soundtrack of Talislanta.

Talislanta is a high-fantasy RPG I used to buy and read (but not really play) when I was young, so I am not aware of how it has developed since. But this post is not about the game, but about the soundtrack (that is pay-what-you-want, by the by). All of the tracks have an exotic vibe to them, and most of them use percussion instruments.

Wizard Hunter Theme (Short / Long) is basically the same track in two versions, the longer as a slow intro as well as a longer play-time (of course). It is rather oriental in nature and may be used as a theme piece.

Omen is a slow track, and one of the view of that is not underpinned with percussion instruments. It makes use of spheric chores instead and is quiet, peaceful track. It is neither foreboding nor brooding, so, and thereby not fit for a dark or overly dramatic scene.

The Duel is a tad quicker then the other tracks, but not a quick track by any means. The percussion instruments are dominant throughout the whole music peace to the point that it sometimes sounds like a “tribal theme”. I expected a “battle track”, but this one is much slower than those I am used to (from other publishers), but it makes for a good action track.

The Wanderer is a foreboding track that keeps a slow pace and a slightly menacing atmosphere. It is good for strange locations or a not immediately threatening situations

The Fire Pits has a slow opening but gains a little more tempo at the middle. Personally, nothing of this piece reminds me of fire or flame. The e-guitar is a bit more prominent at times and takes turn with slightly spheric sounds, all to the rhythm of percussion instruments. The track is good for a “mystic journey”, a travel by magic and/or on the back of a magic creature.

Soulstones. I cannot really make head or toe out of this one. It keeps a medium pace and speeds up at times. Partly spheric in tone, but with too much tempo for a “quiet” track.

Shadows is slow, spheric and sombre, with a bit of cawing mixed into the background for good measure, but an ominous droning dominates the whole piece. A good track for a strange place with much of details that may catch the characters eyes.

Spirit Voices is slow enough to be used for a communion with the otherworld or those that have passed, but not dark or foreboding. I would suggest it for a beneficial magic ritual or a religious ceremony or procession that takes place.

Astral Plane is a “strange places track” to me. It is light in tone, not overbearing but still strange and far from “soothing”. In fact, passages of it have a spooky, distorted theme to it. As a track, it should be pretty good to fill downtime and the narration of certain events with a spooky touch .


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