Encounters for a Purple Island #2

[This NPC is fanwork for Islands of the Purple-Haunted Putrescence] From the Koshi, the characters may learn about Ar´Ruga, also known as „Mad-Two-Head“. A long time ago, Ar´ Ruga was a Koshi like any other (perhaps a bit more courageous), until he found three blue glimmer stones in an old ruin. He loved them, loved […]

Good news and new titles

Hi everyone, The OLD GoblinoidGames forums are up again! These news (at least, this is news to me!) is a reason to celebrate! I will thereby offer my Cavern of the Green Waterroot for 50 cents till 18th of June 2017. By the by, I released a new titles: Alamanac of Animated Skeletons If you […]

[LotFP] The Many-Clawed Wind

It has been a while since I have released my last title, but I just changed THAT by publishing Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.03. As its predecessors, that I have now all bundled up, it was written to be compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and this time it is all about the […]

Encounters for a Purple Island

 while ago I bought myself a copy of The Islands of the Purple-Haunted Putrescence. The name was dropped now and then at Eric´s blog and the reviews at drivethrurpg.com looked like one could give it a try. And of course, little me was curious and on my edge as there was a little flash-sale that […]