[LotFP] The Many-Clawed Wind

It has been a while since I have released my last title, but I just changed THAT by publishing Examples of the Dark Arts Vol.03. As its predecessors, that I have now all bundled up, it was written to be compatible with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and this time it is all about the Summon spell. But before you begin to yawn about my sales pitch, just click below to have a look at a freely available specimen that is not part of the preview at drivethrurpg.com.

07# The Many-clawed Wind

It has no form or body, for it is the wind. A wind that howls while it whips over you and rakes and cuts and tears at the flesh. A wind that spills blood and yearns for more, yearns to tear the flesh from the bone. It is not invisible. It cannot be seen as the wind itself cannot be seen. One can only feel it and see what it does.

HD: 1+
AC:* Attack: raking, cutting and tearing for 1d6 damage
Moral: 10

The Wind: the creature cannot be summoned when it is windless, and once it is summoned the winds will howl in the caster´s vicinity until the creature is no longer there, for it now is the wind. Likewise, it cannot be attacked as nothing may attack the wind. Control Weather may be used to banish it by calming the weather, but the creature is entitled to a Saving Throw against it.

The Claws: the Wind will attack a random enemy in the vicinity of the caster. As one cannot defend against the wind, this attack always counts as an attack from behind by a foe the opponent was not aware of . It cannot be tasked with anything but fighting. The sole exception is that the wind may be used to strip the flesh off a corpse or carcass so that only the bare bones are left.

Domination and Duration: the duration of the Wind´s service is determined by rolling d6 instead of d10, and it may never be bound into a longer/indefinite service no matter how great the margin of the Domination roll was. If the Wind wins the Domination roll, it will attack random targets in the vicinity of the caster till it is no more. If it wins by a Great Margin instead, it will turn into a small whirlwind that will kill the caster by tearing armor, clothes and flesh away within mere moments. All it leaves behind are the the magic-users other worldly possessions (mundane armor and clothes are destroyed), the skull and the bones.


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