Good news and new titles

Hi everyone,

The OLD GoblinoidGames forums are up again! These news (at least, this is news to me!) is a reason to celebrate! I will thereby offer my Cavern of the Green Waterroot for 50 cents till 18th of June 2017.

By the by, I released a new titles: Alamanac of Animated Skeletons

If you want to know what this includes, read below. For as usually, I share some of content in this blog post for free.

“Standard” Skeleton
(as listed in the LabyrinthLord(tm) core rules)

Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 60´ (20´)
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d6 or weapon
Save: F1
Moral: 12
Hoard Class: None
XP: 13

Skeletons are unaffected by Charm or Sleep spells.


01# Charred Skeleton
The bones of this skeleton is blackened and charred, and the air around it glimmers with the heat it radiates. Those undead are created with an infernal ritual that includes human sacrifices who are burned alive and turned into skeletons in the process. Those hellish undead are more powerful (2 HD), move and quicker (90´ / 20´) and their bones radiate the heat of the fires that consumed their flesh. Every character that fights more than 3 rounds against a Charred Skeleton must pass a Saving Throw vs. Death or will become exhausted and suffer a -1 penalty to all damage rolls (till a turn of rest has been taken). XP: 25

02# Drybone
These restless undead may occur “naturally” in hot and dry areas that are haunted or a focal point of magic energies, and their bleached bones are the remains of unfortunate travelers who died of thirst under a merciless sun. Those who even come close to one of this cursed skeletons will feel how their mouth and throat runs dry. At the end of the encounter, each living character must roll a Saving Throw vs. Magic. Those who succeed will merely feel dehydrated and need to drink half a day´s ration worth of water to recover (or suffer a -2 penalty to all damage rolls till the next day´s evening) while those who failed will be overwhelmed by thirst and need to drink two daily rations of water or will lose 2d4 hit points (1d4 for each ration) till the end of the day. XP: 16

A Drybone is a victim of a Curse, and may thereby be laid to rest with a Remove Curse spell.

03# Dustbone
“Dustbones” have a grayish coloration and those who pay close attention may note a fine amount of dust or powder coming off them with every move. Their bones are brittle and break easily (half hit points; rounded up), but once their bodies come undone they release a choking cloud of bone dust. Everyone in the immediate vicinity of a destroyed Dustbone must pass a Saving Throw vs. Death or will become stunned for one round. XP: 15

04# Werewolf Skeleton
An animated skeleton that has been created from a slain lycantroph will look exactly as any other similar undead …until it attacks. The magic of the ritual that raised it mingles with the lingering curse and turns the thing into a fearsome undead. The sudden speed and ferocity (counts a 3 HD, 10 hit points; AC:6) may come as a Surprise, as does the sudden elongation of the skull and the growth of claws in the moment of the attack (Claw / Claw / Bite, each for 1d6 points of damage).The bones still carry the curse of lycantrophy, and every character that suffered serious wounds (50% hit point loss) must pass a Saving Throw vs. Spell-like Devices or will become a werewolf (see LL p.86). XP:30

Silver weapons are not necessary to “kill” a werewolf skeleton (they are needed to kill a werewolf, and this feat has obviously been done already).

05# Greenrot Skeleton
The bones of these undead have run partially green on the outside and once they get cracked there is a foul, moldy tang in the air. Those who were part of a battle where 4+ of them were destroyed must pass a Saving Throw vs. Poison or get infected. The greenrot is a kind of fungus infection that will need 6 turns to spread over the lunges. An infected character may cough up blood after any strenuous activity (1d4 points of damage, none on a successful Saving Throw vs. Death). The infected character will need to see a physician or find another way to cure him- or herself, otherwise the infection means death within 2d6 days (CON modifier applies, minimum one day). XP: 16

06# Dwarf Skeleton
Special rituals exist that will retain the dwarfs resilience inside the reanimated bones. Those undead save as 2nd level dwarfs. XP: 15

07# Lichbone
The bones of a former lich may be raised as an undead anew by necromancers who know the secret rituals (and are able to get hold of the necessary bones). While the power of their touch is not as great as it was before, a Lichbone skeletons still drains a number of XP equal to the damage it does with its bare bone hands (1d6). To create a Lichbone, not all bones have to hail from a true lich: it is enough to have a few bones, and one rather complete Lich skeleton is often enough to create a small group (1d6+2) of Lichbone skeletons. (XP: 17).

08# Witchbone
Skeletons usually do not retain any abilities of the person they were in live. Usually. Necromancers are able to do unusual things, and raising the dead is often not the last trick in their hide-bound books. Some know how to raise the bones of a witch or warlock with some residue of their spellcaster abilities. Those Witchbones are able to cast the reverse version of the cleric spell Bless (see LL p.20) and have Saving Throw of 15 against spells and spell-like devices. Worst of all, if they are within a group that is the target of a “Turn Undead”, all undead count as having passed their Saving Throw if the Witchbone did. Fortunately, all of their spell-like powers end when their bones are destroyed or laid to rest. XP: 22

09# Shadowbones
Shadow Bones are the result of more powerful spells of the dark arts, as they do not only raise the dead but bind some powers of the planes of shadow and darkness into their presence. Their bones are thereby of a dark gray or outright black color. Shadowbones are more dangerous foes than regular skeletons (2 HD), and they have the ability to Move Silently (25%) and Hide in the Shadows (15%). Additionally, they are able to do a Shadow Charge (once per day): this is a regular charge, but just before they meet their enemies their form frays into shadow and they pass their foes ranks, just to turn and materialize behind them. Not only does this allow them to attack the second row of a fighting formation, but it often comes as a Surprise to those that are not aware of this ability. XP:40

10# Silverskulls
A Silverksull is less of a special kind of skeleton and more of special kind magical equipment attached to one: it is a (often sculpted) silver helmet that covers both the front and the top of the skull and is usually permanently affixed to a skeleton. It identifies as “evil” and as a magic item with but one purpose: to break a Protection from Evil (with or without radius). A skeleton with a Silverskull may try to overpower such a magical barrier once per round, and up to two times. Each time, the caster must pass a Saving Throw vs Spell-like Devices. If both Saving Throws are passed, the barrier holds and the Silverskull may never try to overcome the barriers of this character again. If a Saving Throw fails, the spell is negated and the barrier breaks. XP: 16


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