Encounters for a Purple Island #2

[This NPC is fanwork for Islands of the Purple-Haunted Putrescence]

From the Koshi, the characters may learn about Ar´Ruga, also known as „Mad-Two-Head“. A long time ago, Ar´ Ruga was a Koshi like any other (perhaps a bit more courageous), until he found three blue glimmer stones in an old ruin. He loved them, loved how they glittered and gleamed and fashioned them into a necklace of leather strings and semi-hardened resin. He was so found and proud of his necklace that he then began to venture out into the jungle for days at a time to find more of them. Over time, he changed. He became dumb and careless, and even forgot to hide from the rain when it came, so he began to mutate. That was a year ago.

Now Ar´Ruga has two heads that often scream at another. He became large, more than twice as large as other Koshi, but hunchbacked, and a third arm now grows out of his back. His muscles are thick but his fur is mangy and stained purple at many places. Especially at his three hands. He yells at and threatens other Koshi on sight, and so they go out of his way. Some belief that he lately began to kill other Koshi, and that he should be hunted. But Ar´Ruga was once a kind and well-loved, many wish he could be captured alive instead.

Ar´Ruga´s intellect withered away under the negative influence of the blue crystals quickly, the rest of his changes is the result of his exposure to the rain of the island. Now he is the equivalent of a three-armed, two-headed mutated Gorilla with the temper of a confused and an irritated two-year old with the physique of a bodybuilder and little moral guidelines. Aside from his strength and ferocity, Ar´Ruga developed a further, unknown mutation: the power to teleport once a day to a place up to 30´ feet away and within his line of sight (of which head does not matter). He only uses this to escape a dire situation, and that is why the stupid mutant is still alive out there: the predators that lurk nearby have a hard time catching him, and decided that it is not worth the effort.

If the characters would manage to steal his necklace (that he still wears around his original head), Ar´Ruga´s mind would return to normal within a little more than a week. As he would still remember anything, the large mutant Koshi would be very grateful. But stealing from a two-headed gorilla with a bad temper is not an easy task (he may re-roll all tests for Surprise).


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