Sins commited with Flesh

I noted some traffic coming in from a blog called Dragons gonna drag, and curious as I am I strolled over to have a look. Seems that the owner of the blog, Justin Stewart, liked one of my posts and listed it in a rubric he called “Blogs that crush like a mace”. I am […]

Let´s loot the swine!

In a few days I am going to release [edit: strike that, it is out now] a new pay-what-you-want title for Mutant Future(tm) at But you, my dear followers, shall have access to it right here, right now. Loot Tables for Pigmen (and other bestial, mutated grunts). And as some do not like to […]

[40K] The Mara Tables

A long, long time ago I created a table with Psychic Phenomena and Warp Perils, tailored for “Dead Stars”, the third part of the Haarlock´s Legacy Trilogy. Now, in 2017, a fellow FFG form-user asked me for such alternate tables, and so I dusted of my old table, correct some bad grammar and got myself […]

[SHA] Birthday Flash Sale!

Birthday Flash Sale! *imaging blinking lights right HERE* My birthday is coming, and as I would like to gift myself with some (further) PDF from, I staged a !BIRTHDAY FLASH SALE! over there: most of the titles that I have released in 2016 are 50% off till 21st of July 2017. Oh! And I […]

Encounters in a Mutated Swamp [MF]

I like to write random encounter tables. I really do. The inspiration in a nutshell approach one can take with them appeals to me and fits my current (lack of?) writing style. What I am talking about? My latest release, 20 Weird, Irradiated Encounters for a Mutated Post-Apocalyptic Swamp, which I promptly threw onto the […]

Welcome to Junk Beach, Dystopia!

According to this German news article, there is a beach in Thailand (the beach of Ko Si Chang) that is always littered with plastic junk. This is due to a large patch of this stuff out on the ocean that is slowly carried onto the beach, piece by piece. Any afford to clean the beach […]