[Spotlight] Bonus: Little Book of Dungeons

A while ago, a indie-map-maker going by the name of Crooked Staff Publishing came to my attention. I bought some of their stock art, but never used it till now. But this blog post is not about stock art or about my titles, it is about a nifty little pay-what-you-want title that Crooked Staff Publishing offers, and what one could do with it

I am talking about The Little Book of Dungeons: Bonus Booklet, which features 20 little map sections that could either be used as encounter location, as mosaic pieces to create a map of its own (for private use only, of course!), or as a set of locations of a larger dungeon that is otherwise linked by uneventful corridors and hallways.

If you like to improvise a session, start to finish, you could grab an encounter table of your favorite system, think about some underground location for the characters to enter and then let them pass through 1d6 hallways, corridors and junctions (with or without doors or guardians) before you roll a d20 to determine the location map they are going to enter next (yep, there are 20 of them).

Taa-daaaa! Instant smash-and-grab dungeon.

Perhaps that is an half-collapsed dwarf outpost, a nightmare labyrinth of the Aelf-Adal, deep in the Veins of the Earth, an improvised bunker-burrow of the Pigmen of Mutant Future(tm) or it represents the still stable sections of the Ruins of the Elder Beings of H.P. Lovercraft.

Whatever you want to turn it into, please remember to PAY the creator something for it if you really use it for a session with your friends. As somebody who releases PWYW titles as well, I assure you that everything counts in large amounts.


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