Let´s loot the swine!

coverIn a few days I am going to release [edit: strike that, it is out now] a new pay-what-you-want title for Mutant Future(tm) at drivethrurpg.com. But you, my dear followers, shall have access to it right here, right now. Loot Tables for Pigmen (and other bestial, mutated grunts). And as some do not like to download PDF, I will post the whole content here as well…

01# 2-person tent that reeks of sweat, urine and swine from the inside (and will do so for days to come).

02# Aluminium foil (1d8 rolls) that were used for cooking, sun protection and create lures by hanging them into trees (there is always somebody who checks to see what is sparkling there).

03# Ammo belt for a machine gun (a total of 2d100 shots), but there is no machine gun to be found. The pigman kept it in hope of finding a machine gun sooner or later.

04# Ammo (5d6 rounds) that do not match any gun found in the encounter. It is up to the GM if some or all of the ammo matches a weapon that a PC owns.

05# Anti-fugal spray (1d4 small spray cans) that were looted from a drug store. This is a male health item for those with… “problems”… in the abdomen. Guess what…

06# Apples and onions, 3d6 of each, that were harvested in the area. They were kept together so that the onions keep the vermin away from the apples, but now the apples taste a bit like onions.

07# Automatic weapon (without ammo) that the pigman kept in hope of finding some matching ammo sooner or later (d10):

1-5: Automatic pistol
6-8: Machine pistol
9-0: Submachine gun

08# Bandages, enough to tend 2d6 wounds with them.

09# Barbed wire, pincers and gloves for handling. There is a total of 3d6 meters left on the coil, the whole affair weights about 2 lbs.

10# Battered “ERNIE” (see p. 122). As the energy cell began to fail, the pigman grew angry and hammered onto the device. While it is as battered as it looks, it is still of use (for 1d12 sessions) if the energy cell is exchanged for a fresh one.

11# Binoculars that run on an e-cell and offer 20x zoom and IR-vision.

12# Boots that have been looted from dead bodies. A total of 1d4 pairs are found, all used but still “alright”.

13# Boron Solution spray with 1d10 applications left.

14# Bottles with a strange liquid and assorted rags. The reek tells anybody who knows a bit about chemicals that these 1d4+1 bottles are ready-made molotov cocktails: all one needs to do is to open them up, insert the rags and light them up.

15# Bungee cord, 1d10+5 meters of it.

16# Burning glass; made from a salvaged lens.

17# Caltrops, 2d6+6 of them in an improvised burlap bag.

18# Camo nets in a pattern that matches the local area. 1D4 of them are found, each of them 2m x 2m when unfolded; weighing 1 lbs each.

19# Candy bars, 1d20+2 of them. Seems this one was a sweet tooth.

20# Canned foods (see p.123). 2D6 still sealed meals are found.

21# Cargo nets for securing or carrying goods. A total 1d4+1 nets are found, each will hold the equivalent of a large backpack full of items.

22# Chewing gum, dry and brittle but still with a bit of taste left to them. 1D100 stripes are found.

23# Cigarette lighter, and a 50% chance to also find…

24# Cigarettes! There is a total of 3d6 packages (and one has only 2d6 left). Seems that this one was a smoker.

25# Collapsible camping chair

26# Collapsible spade which edges have been sharpened (1d6 in close combat)

27# Compass

28 Contaminated water, a total of 1d4 quarts of it. If a Saving Throw is failed (Poison or Radiation, as the GM wishes) those who consume the water will lose 1d4 hit points (per quart) over the cause of the day. If this item is found together with means to clear water, those means have become useless due to time and/or neglect.

29# Coolerbox that runs on an e-cell. The box itself has a volume equal to a gallon and was used to store rations.

30# Crowbar

31# Disassembled sniper rifle and 1d8+2 rounds of matching ammo. The pigmen found it like that but was never able to reassemble it. A PC that knows what a rifle is may do so with a successful technology roll (Base Roll: 15%).

32# Dried human ears and fingers that are found in a small plastic box. This pigman liked to have some snacks.

33# Duffel bag, empty and folded. It is never wrong to have a second loot bag, just in case one scores BIG TIME.

34# Dynamite, 1d8 sticks of it. They are very old and have begun to “sweat” nitro. Damage is 2d6+1 (instead of 3d6) per stick, but in case of careless handling the GM should roll 2d6. “Doubles” mean that the dynamite explodes.

35# Electrical camping stove with an e-cell. The device is the opposite of clean but still usable.

36# Empty plastic canisters, 1d4 of them and half a gallon each.

37# First aid pack of a rather old-fashioned kind. It contains tube of synti-flesh, a gel that begins to foam as it comes into contact with the air, then melts with the wound it was applied to and provides a skin-like cover, local painkiller and sanitizes the wounds. 1D6 tubes are left, each tube restores 1d4 hit points within one turn.

38# Flashlight, large and sturdy enough to double as a club.

39# Full-enclosing helmet with visor. The pigman was unable to wear it due to its snot. Besides being an advanced item of armor, it provides an electronically enhanced 180-degree field of view, flare protection and an automated collision alarm in regard to objects in its field of view (when it comes close enough to crash into it within 5 seconds, depending on relative speed and course) once activated (it is a futuristic motorcycle or jetpack rider helmet).

40# Gas mask with 1d4 sealed filters left. The elastic gas mask fits over a pigman snot, but also over a human head.

41# Grapnel and rope

42# Grenades (for a mortar), 2d4 in total, all of the following type (d10):

1-5: Frag Grenades

6-8: Nerve Gas

9-0: Inferno Grenade

Mortar grenades are larger than hand grenades, and thereby their radius is increased by two meters. They have been looted from a supply depot of some “reserve unit”, and were already outdated before the world gone south. Thereby, each of them has a 30% chance of being a dud.

43# Hammer and nails (2d20)

44# Hammock

45# Hand grenades, a total of 1d8, all of the following type(d10):

1-2: Concussion
3-6: Frag
7: Energy
9-0: Smoke

None of these grenades is in good condition, and each has a 10% chance of being a dud.

46# Hand saw and rubber tubes

47# Hand-drawn map with an X. It is crude, but of the local area and anybody with an INT of at least 11 will figure out where the spot is. At the spot the PC will find (d10):

1-2: A hidden weapon stash with 3d6 random weapons
3-5: A cave with large lake
6-7: A camp of 2d4 pigmen
9: A camp of 2d6 suidoids
0: A field of steaming, hot mud created by small geyser

48# Hatchet and whetstone

49# Heavy duty sleeping bag

50# Heavy duty trash bags, two rolls with 1d20+20. They may be used as impromptu bags (eve for water), cut into pieces create body wraps (to keep the heat near the body) or might be cut up to be used as covering (for cheap pit traps or as sun protection).

51# Hercurine, in capsule form in small glass bottle without label. There are 1d12 capsules left.

52# Insect repellent (pump spray), itch stopping gel (tube) and sun screen (tube); 1d6 of each are found.

53# Ion bonding tape

54# Jaw traps, a total of 1d4+1. These are not bear traps, but they are still enough to break the leg of a deer, human or mutant.

55# Land mines! A total of 1d4 of them are stored in a separate burlap bag with dried grass and leaves as packing. There is a 10% chance that any of those is a dud once they have been set up. …wait, do the characters even know what land mines are…? (Technology roll: 10% base chance).

56# Large rags that used to be clothes at one point or another. Now, they are just filthy rags used for… whatever.

57# Las pistol Mk I, without an energy cell.

58# Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW), kept collapsed in separate plastic case. This one is in working condition.

59# Meat cleaver, tenderizer and stainless steel hooks

60# Medical Supplies, consisting of…

(1d8-2) doses of anti-tox
Medi-Spray II (1d6 applications)
(1d12-4) RAD-Purge shots
(1d12-4) Stimshot A

Please take not that all but the Medi-Spray II may end up with a “zero or less”, which means that no injectors are found.

61# Mortar (without grenades). If the characters get their hands on some mortar grenades, this weapon has twice the range of a grenade launcher, but may only be used to attack (rather) stationary targets.

62# Old military MRE rations, a total of 2d12 of them. They taste HORRIBLE but haven´t spoiled yet.

63# One-man rubber boat /w collapsible paddle. The color is up to the GM.

64# Panties: 1d6 of them, worn and stored in separate zip bags. Don´t ask.

65# Petroleum jelly, a total 1d4 small cans.

66# Power cells (roll d6)
1-3: 2d6 cells
4-5: 1d4 clips
6: one pack

67# Protective glasses, a total of 1d3

68# Proton Energy Pills, a total of 2d6 in a small plastic tube with no label.

69# Radioactive battery; there is a 40% chance that it has been damaged as the pigman removed it, and thereby counts as a Class 1 radiation source with a frequency of one Saving Throw per day.

70# Rain ponchos; disposable. A total of 2d6 in a large zip bag.

71# Rations, slightly off. There are a total of 1d6+1 rations that a pigman is still able to stomach, but all beings with a lesser (regular) resistance to spoiling food must pass a Saving Throw vs. Poison or will suffer from food poisoning [vomiting, (-1) penalty to all rolls for this day and the next, loss of 1d3 hit points over the course of the next three days]. Two more days and this food is just inedible.

72# Root tubers and dried mushrooms, enough for 1d4 rations.

73# Rope, 2d6 meters

74# RPG grenades, but no RPG to fire them. There are a total of 1d4+1 of the following type (d10):

1-5: Frag
6-8: Energy
9-0: Plasma

75# Salt Pills, 2d20 in total.

76# Self-made black powder weapon with 1d12 shots worth of powder and ammo. This weapon is equal to a black powder pistol, but with only 1/3 of the range and if the damage dice shows a natural 12, the weapon exploded and the shooter suffers 1d6 points of damage.

77# Short-wave radio

78# Signal mirror, which the pigman use to communicate with other pigmen before an actual encounter.

79# Simple culinary herbs, dried and collected in the local area (a pound in total).

80# Jerky, a total of 1d8 rations.

81# Socks, made of wool, 2d6 pairs of them. In humid conditions (fog, dense underdgrowth, etc.) those may absorb moisture and may later be wrung out for water. Or one may wear them as socks. Or use them in both ways.

82# Spray can with weapon oil; small

83# Straight razor with a blood stained blade.

84# Stuffed animal (a piglet)

85# Sunglasses (80s style, with large glasses and a gold-colored frame)

86# Survival Kit with missing components. Roll 3d6, the numbers that come up indicate what is NOT there:

1: Water purification bag
2: Sewing kit
3: 1d12 waterproof matches
4: Compass
5-6: Medi-Spray /w d10 doses

87# Swiss army knife

88# Talcum powder

89# Tea lights and matches; 2d20 of each.

90# Vodka; 1d6 bottles in total. At least one is half-empty.

91# Walkie-Talkie

92# Water pump /w hose; the pump is a small, portable version that is operated with a hand crank.

93# Water purification tabs, 4d6 in total

94# Wire (for traps); with clippers. There are 5d6 meters of wire left

95# Wire cutters and different screw drivers

96# Wormer; for cattle and swine. The glass bottle contains 2d20 doses, and 2d6 clean syringes are found with it.

97# Worn cook pot & mess kit

98# Zip bags (3d20) and small rolls with small plastic bags (1d4 rolls with 10 bags each)

99# Zip fasteners, one bag with a total of 2d20+10

00# Zip-gun; an improvised one-shot junk pistol that was build around a round that will deal… (d8)

1-2: 1d8 damage
3-6: 1d10 damage
7-8: 1d12 damage

There is a 30% chance that the gun will explode when fired, and thereby deal 1d6 damage to the shooter.


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