Sins commited with Flesh

I noted some traffic coming in from a blog called Dragons gonna drag, and curious as I am I strolled over to have a look. Seems that the owner of the blog, Justin Stewart, liked one of my posts and listed it in a rubric he called “Blogs that crush like a mace”.

I am a sucker for positive feedback, and so I lapped up the latest posts of him to see if I can return this kindness with something beneficial myself. Something that he may like as much as I liked the virtual padding on the head he just gave me… something that would make me a “good boy”.

Justin plays The Hateful Place, a game I do not know. But I know a thing or two about “potential uses of [insert something unwholesome]”, and Justin was talking out loud on his latest post about ideas for alternate rules for human flesh in a demon-influenced world.

..I hear a harpsichored playing a familiar song right here…

8 Sins committed with flesh (as system neutral as possible):

01# Eating the Soul
It is not just about eating the flesh. With the right ritual, with the right part involved in a ceremonial consuming of the flesh, the cannibal devours a part of the very soul of the victim. This is equal to a +1 attribute increase (and may be stacked up to +3). The attribute in question (e.g. WIS for OSR-games) will lose the bonus after 1d4 weeks, as the soul energy of another is a thing that flees the flesh that is not its own.

02# The Flesh that Fuels me…
Magic-Users (and perhaps even clerics, depending on the deity) may be able to memorize/prepare one additional spell if they have consumed human flesh before. The maximum level of this “Flesh-Fueled Spell” is equal to the number of victims the flesh was taken from (and the amount does not need to be more than a quarter-pound). The flesh must be eaten before the spell is memorized, and afterwards more flesh must be eaten if more or more powerful spells are to be prepared…

03# The Flesh that Strengthens me…
Each pound of human flesh that has been eaten temporarily increases the maximum hit points by +2. Any damage is subtracted from those extra-hp first, and once they are gone they are gone (but may be renewed by eating more…). This effect may allow a character to increase the regular maximum hit points by 50%. The additional damage that is soaked by the extra-hp does not “disappear”: the character just goes on despite even the most heinous wounds.

04# My meal, my sacrifice
Each meal of human flesh generates a “chip”. Whenever the GM determines a random character to be the victim of something bad, that “chip” is depleted and the cannibal character is no longer part of fate´s lottery this time. If all characters have one or more chips, one chip is devaluated from each of them and the lottery starts anew, until there is a sad, sad winner…

Another option: three “chips” may be used by the player to buy one re-roll for the PC. Fate has been fed and thereby grows lenient.

05# Might of the Devoured
When the character has eaten the flesh of a number of humans equal to his or her own level, the character is treated as being one level higher as the PC really is, for up to 2d6 days. To gain the effect once more, the character needs to start from zero.

06# Robbed Vitality
A meal of human flesh will help to heal even the most grievous wounds. A human will heal twice as fast on every given day that such a meal has been eaten.

07# Disguise my Soullight
Consuming human flesh means consuming parts of the human soul, and such a melange makes it tricky for demons to aim at what they are after. 1D6 days after a character consumed a meal made of human flesh, all demonic powers invoked against him or her suffer a (-1) penalty.

08# Reap me not
Pure souls are the thing a demon relishes the most, and eating the flesh of another human being taints the soul. Whenever a character is singled out as a victim by a demon, there is a cumulative 3% chance for every meal of human flesh that the character has consumed since the last new moon that the demon will choose another target instead. Of course, if there are no other targets the demon will take what is there. If more than one “tainted” target is among the possible choices of the demon, the one with the highest total of cannibalistic meals is allowed to roll first to avoid the infernal´s attention.

…now… tell me I am a good boy… leave a “like”… do not make me haunt you…


One thought on “Sins commited with Flesh

  1. Hey, thank you very much! This is really cool. I saw your work listed on James Raggi’s list of third-party LotFP products, so I got some PDFs from DTRPG. I liked what I saw, so when I realized you had a blog I figured I should add it to my reading list. I’m glad it gave you a traffic bump. Thanks again for the shout-out and the cool ideas!

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