A Conglomeration of Broken Things

Lately, I turned Skull Mountain into my personal sequel to Scenic Dunnsmouth, and into a connection to the Veins of the Earth. Of course, this called for a bit of tinkering an adaption. Among other things, I decided to replace a certain statue guardian with something similar to a Gilgamash (p.66), but instead of taking […]

Rowry McCallan & Hr´rak-Karr

The rundown men-at-arms stopped chatting as they saw the young fellow coming down the middle of the road that ran through the village. „Hey! You there! Where do you think you ar´going with THAT thing?“ the first one shouted. „Perhaps he has an oversized nail at home?“ another added. The three burst into dirty laughter […]

Dunnsmouth… and beyond.

By now, I run two different games (with two different groups) in Dunnsmouth. One of them is just at the start of it, while the other has been through most of the encounters, the common as well as the „important ones“. As I am writing this, the tale of The Three Men that went to […]

Go and pick up some Junk from the Beach

Hi everyone. This is not an environmental-conscious shout-out (after all, with what magical might shall I have you folks travel to the next beach to do charity work? I am well aware that most of you might be miles away from one, aren´t you?) but a shout-out for my latest Pay-What-You-Want title: Welcome to Junkbeach. […]

[MF] Loot: in the cellar

In a post-apocalyptic game “what to loot” becomes a very interesting question, even more so than in other RPG (let´s face the facts, PC are grabbers and profiteers). No matter how realistic or cinematic a setting is, loot is usually omnipresent and easily available… right after the apocalypse, that is! Soon after that, all the […]

[SHA] The Rockyhill Badlands

I ´ve got another one for you folks, and this one is called The Rockyhill Badlands.  It is a set of 25 inter-linked encounters, with their own d100 Random Encounter table. They are meant to create an individual, named region for GM that look for a not-so-nondescript area to put the next post-apocalyptic dungeon into. […]