[SHA] The Rockyhill Badlands

I ´ve got another one for you folks, and this one is called The Rockyhill Badlands

coverIt is a set of 25 inter-linked encounters, with their own d100 Random Encounter table. They are meant to create an individual, named region for GM that look for a not-so-nondescript area to put the next post-apocalyptic dungeon into. The module alone may be used as a free-form hexcrawl with a few ruins to explore and plunder, and a brief adventure hook is included in the end of the PDF as well.

And as nobody reads my blog for my shameless house-advertising, I will provide you with three further examples of the encounters (see below).

Welcome to the Rockyhill Badlands!

08# Hideous Boar (i) [p.63]
There is only one hideous boar in the local area, and the #Savage Mutants believe that it is god-like avatar of struggle and destruction, a constant reminder of the mad ways of the ancestors: to kill it means to call forth the Great Disaster again. Thereby, they try to sooth and pacify it by sacrificing a goat to it if it prowls near the homestead of a clan. Of course, the beast learned by now that there is always easy food to be found near the humans. The creature has 45 hit points, and as soon as it drops to 20 or lower, a Moral check is rolled for it. If it does not flee, it will go berserk. In that state, it will no longer use its acid attack but its other attacks will all do one additional die of damage.


09# Old Ruins
Most of the remains of civilization are gone in this area, but the PC may still stumble upon an odd ruin here and there (d6):

1 Water tower
2 Remains of a farm
3-5 Old mine
6 Car wreck

A water tower has 20% chance of containing gathered rainwater. Such towers are frequented by other local dwellers, and there is a 10% chance that the characters will have an additional encounter there (d6):

1-2 #Savage Mutants
3 #Pigmen
4-5 #Vomit Flies
6 #Spidergoats

The remains of a farm are usually not more than the crumbling foundation walls, but those who Search the area may find some of the following items (roll 6d6. The numbers that come up are NOT found, and the PC may search the area up to three times; and there is ALWAYS scrap iron):

1 Old box with 2d6 candles
2 Hammer and 5d6 steel nails
3 Shovel
4 Padlock with key
5 1d4 rations of canned food
6 2d6 meters of nylon rope
7* 2d6 lbs. of scrap iron (1 sp each)


12# Sabre-Toothed Tiger (i) [p. 66]
There is only one Sabre-Toothed Tiger in the area, a powerful but lean (40 hit points) and experienced hunter with all the cunning of a cat. It has developed Thermal Vision due to further mutations as well as a Dural Cerebellum with the ability to generate a Force Screen [p.29]. Due to its great experience, the Sabertooth gets a +2 bonus to surprise the PC and they suffer a (-1) penalty to surprise it. If it gains Surprise, it will try to follow them either till one of them has been heavily wounded or till night comes. It will then either attack the wounded character or a lone guard at night. Once this is done, it will retreat again and wait for the PC to leave the dead body alone. Its Force Screen it will only use when it backs of or when it has to attack while being under fire by the PC (it IS a very experienced predator). If the characters encounter #Dire Wolves while being shadowed by the Sabre-Tooth, the dire wolves will attack the Sabre-Tooth instead (if at all): the canine and this cat already have a history of skirmishes in this area, and as they compete for the same prey the wolves see the tiger as the greater evil.


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