25 Sights in the Streets of a Cyberpunk/SciFi-Megalopolis

Roleplaying is about describing scenes. Cut this part of our hobby away, and it becomes boring. The important scenes are the one that we, the GM´s of this world, are usually prepared for. After all, we knew they were coming, we anticipated them because we know the plot, and more often than not we gleefully waited for them to unwind (often because it was us who came up with them, to entertain the players). But sometimes, the PC just run around a place like a city, grab some weapons and gear or do some legwork. Those are usually not played as scenes, for the sake of game time, but embellishing the PC´s way from A to B with a little sideshow will help to maintain the atmosphere (this near-holy thing we spend some much prep time on to conjure it). Below, you will find 25 Sights in the Streets of a Cyberpunk/SciFi-Megalopolis. Enjoy!

01# In a side street, a couple of kids spray graffiti onto a wall. If the characters approach, one of the kids steps up and pulls a gun. “Yo, BAKK OFF!” he bellows while holding the weapon “gangsta style”. Should the characters not back off the kid becomes nervous and fires two rushed shoots at the them while he already turns to run away, as will his buddies.

02# Overhead, a hovering advertisement panel passes by that blares a commercial for a toothpaste and bathes the street below it in white and blue light.

03# A man in his early 30´s storms out of a buildings, followed by two police officers who catch up with him quickly. They beat him down and cuff him, and then one of them beats him some more before his partner stops him reluctantly.

04# The complete street ahead is blocked by police cars, and from the speakers of one of them a recorded voice repeats “WALK ON! THERE IS NOTHING TO BE SEEN HERE!”. Behind the road block, people wearing face masks and white protective suits gather the remains of a suicide while an officer looks up to an open window, high up in a nearby building.

05# Five women walk by, all of them bare chested. They are of different age, figure and descent, the only thing they have in common are the glowing tattoos winding all over their naked skin.

06# A police drone glides over the street, very slowly, and its sensors undoubtedly in search of somebody or something.

07# Two nice looking young women approach the characters to offer free samples of candy as part of an advertisement campaign.

08# A young boy with a blinking, cheap toy in hand stands alone next to a shopping window. He turns around on the spot, obviously looking for somebody, and is close to breaking out into tears.

09# An old lady in worn, outdated clothes and with two large plastic bags in hand moves from waste bin to waste pin. She sifts through the trash, her hands hands visibly quivering inside the over-sized rubber gloves

10# A mobile vending machine for candy and nutrient bars slowly rolls by.

11# A hip looking young dame sits on a ledge and plays harmonica.

12# The character/s walk over a spot where somebody has sprayed the words “TURN ROUND & RUN!” onto the pavement.

13# The characters overhear bits of a news broadcast about a punchfest last night, in which 11 people were seriously injured.

14# An aged, balding man sits on a bench and smokes a cigarette while he stares into nowhere, with a blank look on his face.

15# A bunch of middle aged, drunk women tumble through the street while they giggle like teenagers and act raunchy.

16# In the ground floor of the building the characters walk by, all windows have been nailed up with wooden panels. The levels above still look occupied, so, with life (or business) going on as usual.

17# Some lean hipster dude stares at his smart phone/communicator and is about to bump into the character/s.

18# The characters spot an old woman on the street that acts just like everyone else, but has her lips sewn shut. If they stare at her, she will note it, look over and put a finger over her lips, like she would signal them to keep quiet. Then, she turns away and continues what she was doing before.

19# A posh looking young dame in a creme colored dress walks a dog that looks like a great dane safe for the aquamarine feathers that grow on most of its body.

20# A long row of scruffy looking people of all ages lines up in front of a soup kitchen mobile of the local church. Nearby pedestrians chat angry about “that charity mobile bringing all the hobos to this place”.

21# Two police officers walking the beat give the characters a long, intense stare, but will walk on.

22# A wild eyed young woman in a flowing dress with floral print shouts at those who pass by. She is in the middle of a rubbish sermon about sin and redemption. The people do their best to ignore her.

23# A bicycle courier dashes by at a neck breaking speed. Somebody that he nearly ran over shouts curses after him.

24# A young couple is making out right in the middle of the sidewalk and have their hands all over another. Some people whistle and cheer them on, and it seems that the two like it like that.

25# A filthy street cur rests next to a dumpster, seemingly watching the street attentively. There are brownish-red stains all over the fur near its snot.




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