5 Ideas for Fleshscape

You remember that I told you about Fleshscape, the free micro-rpg about nomadic tribes in a bizarre world of flesh,by Emanuele Galletto? Well, re-read the blog post if you don´t! 😉 After a long while, my muse kissed me and I found time to put down 5 ideas for things to encounter and explore in the lands of flesh, monsters and men.

#Buzz at Dawn

The sun bathes the surrounding in a deep red as it creeps into the sky. Against its backdrop the characters are able to see a cloud of flying insects rise from a not so distant copse of skeleton trees. While the swarm disperses in search of blood, it is wise not to stay in the area. If the characters do or take a break from marching before noon, parts of the swarm will find them and the rest will follow. The gnats are pale as bone, as long as a fingernail and the carriers of a fever (muscle; difficulty to resist depends on the exposure to the insects) that will result in (-) at the beginning of the next day, and for up to three days to follow (resist 3 to overcome the fever at the end of the day). If the fever is not overcome at the end of the third day, the character enters a fever delirium for a day (2 damage, 4 stress), after which it ends.

#An early Riser

During the early morning hours the characters encounter a beast the size of a rhino. It has a head like a boar but the teeth of a wolf, a warty skin and a somewhat segmented body with six powerful limbs. Each limb ends in a three-fingered foot. This rare beast is called a Zerker, a very aggressive creature. What only few tribes know is that the beast suffers circulatory problems on hot days and during noon, as its own body heat builds up to much for it to bear (brains / 4). Both its threat and force drop by 2 under such conditions.

Instincts: Charge everything that isn´t larger, stop hunting what escapes to quickly, drive others of their kill.

Threat:4 Force:4 Health:15 Armor:1

# Sweat & Flesh

A light wind comes up after the sun has reached its vertex, a wind that carries the stench of cold sweat. Characters who succeed on a roll for brain (difficulty: 3) know that this means that a Freshflesh Field is nearby: an open field of flesh that now and then grows edible for a while. The smell comes from the sweat the “ripe” fields produces when the sun is highest. The stench will attract a lot of predators, so there is not only a chance for food but the danger of being preyed upon as well. If the tribe travels to the direction from where the wind came, they will be able to stock up on fresh meat that they merely need to cut from the ground. But the longer they stay, the more numerous and dangerous the monsters will become that are attracted as well. Some may stick to themselves to feed from the field… others won´t. The aroma of blood that comes from harvesting the Freshflesh Field may send some creatures into a frenzy.

# The Ground Opens

During the evening hours, as the sun begins to set, the ground below the tribe begins to rip and tear. Long, cut-like gaps open up, some merely a few feet deep, others so deep that a man would have to climb out. Orifices begin to open up as well, and heated air vents out of all of those new openings, air that smells like spend breath and the innards of a freshly dressed kill. If the characters explore and study this phenomena, they may learn two things: this happens in a one mile radius, always about the same time of the day, and lasts for about an hour (before all the rips and orifices close again within moments). Those who dare to climb down the orifices may find bulbous organs to harvest (meat), as well as pools of body fluids to skim (clearblood for consumption, bile for weapon poisons, digestive juices to prepare meat without cooking if used within two days), but those who do not ascend back up quick enough risk to be crushed once an orifice closes again.

# Duskticks

In a region of the Fleshscape that is filled with rolling hills and small ditches of wrinkled, scurfy skin the tribe may encounter tick-like like beings, the size of house cats. They leave the folds of this region by the dozens once dusk sets in and will prowl the area for edible flesh and suckable blood till dawn comes. They are not much of a threat in combat, but they are eerily silent and do not rely on sight but on scent to find prey or a food source. In small numbers, they are only a danger for those asleep or unaware, but if more and more close in they can even overwhelm a strong warrior. Their bite delivers a poison (resist: 3) that will make a character slugglish on the first bite (-); drowsy and dazed on the second bite [if not resisted; (-)(-)] and will finally lead to the a total collapse when a third dose takes effect.

Instincts: Find food, fall back if harmed assault again when outnumbering the prey.

Threat: 1 Force:1 Healthy: 3 Armor:0


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