The Crimson Darkness Below

One of my very first “fan projects” was a collection of additional scenes for the chapter “The Red Cages” of “Tattered Fates”, the first module of the Haarlock´s Legacy (for Dark Heresy). The positive feedback I got back then at the FFG forum encouraged me to write more and more of those “additional material” fan […]

[OSR]Skeletons for Halloween

If there is a proper time for the oldest, cheesiest and most well-known form of undead in all of roleplaying, then it is Halloween. Bring out your dead! With this blog post, I bring out mine. Well, some of them, as this is actually an excerpt from my Almanac of Animated Skeletons, but who is […]

Trouble in Sinophia

What I started here, I shall continue with this post. While it will be the last for Damned Cities, but it will not be the last for the Haarlock Legacy: I will continue with some re-releases of fanwork articles for Tattered Fates. Those used to be popular on the FFG forums, and I guess a […]

The Early Murders in Sinophia

Unexpected flattery. I have always been (and likely: will ever be) a sucker for positive feedback. One may even argue that “being a glory-hound” was and is the one true driving force behind any of my attempts at publishing, and behind each and any of my fan works, starting with the first posts in the […]

[SHA]What the Smithy has to offer

Hi everyone. The weekend is coming a little earlier for me today, and so does my next release: What the Smithy has to offer is another pay-what-you-want, LotFP-compatible title of mine that is now available at The next time your players ask “what weapons and armor are offered for sale?” instead of stating what […]

A Swarm of Roaches

Cheap movies do not have to be BAD movies. I was reminded of this today, as I watched the 2000-bug-horror-b-movie „They Nest“ (as a re-run on the website of the German TV station tele5). The plot of this creature-feature centers on a foreign breed of cockroaches that act like an organized hive, has mandibles that […]