[SHA]What the Smithy has to offer

Hi everyone. The weekend is coming a little earlier for me today, and so does my next release: What the Smithy has to offer is another pay-what-you-want, LotFP-compatible title of mine that is now available at drivethrurgp.com. The next time your players ask “what weapons and armor are offered for sale?” instead of stating what they are looking for, roll 2-5 times (or: 1d4+1 times) on this list. All prices assume “silver standard”, of course.

This product is an independent production by Gregorius21778 and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV.

To sweeten my shameless house advertising I add the whole list to the blog post as well. After all, it is pwyw, anyway! But please remember, everything counts in large amounts.


01-04# 1d4 rapiers; 12 sp a piece

05# 1d4 Dwarven battleaxes; 1d8+1 dmg (MeW); -1 penalty in the hands of non-dwarfs; 25 sp a piece;

06-09# 1d4 studded cudgels; 1d4+1 dmg (SmW); will be good for 2d4 fights, but break during the following one; 4sp a piece.

10# The used armor of a knight [plate; shield; sword (MeW); Lance]; sold only as a set; for 1,000 sp

11-14# 2d6 light spears; 1d6 dmg; cannot be used from the second rank; have a 1-in-6 chance to break when used to receive a charge; may be used as a thrown weapon; 4sp a piece;

15# Huge warhammer; 2d6 dmg (GrW); STR 15+ needed to wield it; -1 AC penalty each turn after an unsuccessful attack; 20 sp.

16-19# 1d4 light shields; 6 sp piece; Will be good for 1d6+5 fights, but break during the following one.

20# Man-catcher (20 sp); leather armor (25 sp); truncheon (1d3 dmg; MiW; 3sp) and a bag of 12 caltrops (50 sp).

21-24# 1d3 cavalry sabres; 12 sp a piece; 1d6 dmg (SmW); +1 if used from horseback.

25# Heavy crossbow with 16 bolts; 35 sp

26-29# 1d6 pikes (polearm); 30 sp a piece

30# Old, notched bihander; 1d10 (GrW); roll damage twice and keep lower result; 35 sp

31-34# 2d4 iron daggers, 1d4 dmg (MiW); -2 penalty against opponents with an unadjusted AC of 14 or better;  3 sp a piece;

35# 1d3 sets of “bullet-proof” breast plate; AC 15 (half reduction vs. firearms); counts as an oversized item; 85 sp a piece

36-39# 1d3 old-fashioned broadswords; 1d8 dmg (MeW); -2 penalty against opponents with a Dexterity bonus of +1 or better; 17 sp a piece.

40# Paired rapier & fencing dagger; (1d4; MiW); good quality; as a pair: +1 AC for fighters, elves and all with DEXT 16+ against all but GrW & monsters; 30 sp for the pair.

41-44# 1d6 swords; 1d8 dmg (MeW); 20 sp each;

45# A sword with a superior blade; 1d8 dmg (MeW); +1 dmg if 1 turn was spend to sharpen it since the last battle; 25 sp.

46-49# 1d6 bucklers; +1 AC in melee; no AC bonus vs missile attacks; 6 sp a piece.

50# 1d3 sets of chain mail; AC 16; 100 sp a piece.

51-54# 2d6 crudely crafted swords and axes; 1d8 dmg (MeW); re-roll any dmg result of “8” once; 18 sp each.

55# 2d4 lances (1d10 dmg; 30 sp); 1d3 sets of leather horse barding (AC 14; 250 sp); 1d3 sets of light plate armor (AC: 17; 850 sp)

56-59# 2d4 sets of leather armor; AC:14; 25 sp a piece.

60# 1d6 sets of reinforced leather armor; AC:14; AC:16 against SmW; 50 sp a piece.

61-64# 2d4 hatchets; 1d6 dmg (SmW); 10 sp a piece.

65# 1d6+1 throwing hatchets; 1d4 (Smw); +5´ feet on all ranges; +1 dmg as throwing weapon, 12 sp a piece.

66-69# 1d3 light crossbows; each with 20 bolts; each 30 sp a piece

70# Set of 10 small throwing blades; 1d3 dmg (MiW); 10 count as 1 item; easy to hide on body; 50 sp

71-74# 2d4 iron flails; 1d6 (SmW); -2 penalty against opponents with shields or AC:18+; 7 sp each

75# 1d3 sets of battle-worn/ill- maintained chain mail; AC:16; will tear and drop to AC:14 after a hit that deals 6+ damage; 50 sp a piece.

76-79# 2d4 long-knives; 1d4 dmg (SmW); 7 sp each

80# 1d4 boar spears; 1d6+1 dmg (MeW); may be used from 2nd rank; may receive a charge; +1 AC vs charging animals; 12 sp each. Counts as oversized item.

81-84# 1d6 sets of greaves & vambraces; +1 AC unless AC:16; 7 sp a piece

85# 1d6 cestus-style weapons; 10sp each

86-89# 1d4 regular shields; 10 sp a piece

90# A lavishly decoreated shield; +1 reaction bonus in non-hostile encounters; 20 sp

91-94# 2d6 daggers; 1d4 (MiW); 5 sp each

95# Elven Rapier; as rapier, but +1 AB for elfs and characters with DEX 15+; 45 sp.

96-99# 1d4 war-hammers; 1d4+2 (MeW); 16 sp each;

00# Old, heavy bladed executioner sword; 1d8 dmg (MeW); -2 penalty after (3+ STB) rounds; 12 sp.


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