RPG Background Tracks for Free

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Plate Mail Games is offering a small collection of their titles as free bundle over there at drivethrurpg.com. Of course I could not resist and grabbed the package. As my followers already know, I like to use rpg tracks to enhance my sessions, and I mentioned PMG already. So, what does this bundle has to offer…?

PMG included five titles that cater to different genres. All of them are 10 minutes long and “loop-able”. The tracks are provided as mp3 as wall as “flac”.

Futuristic City starts off with sounds that would not be uncommon in our everyday 21st century streets, but quickly passing hover vehicles, swishing high-fliers and buzzing drones are added to the soundscape. There are pedestrians, too, but the streets are mostly for the vehicles. Little human conversaion is heard (and NO blaring advertisements). Sometimes, there is even the sound of some “heavy mechanic thing walking”. Good for a SciFi sidewalk.

Day Medieval City conjures the picture of a medivial street at the day. A smith is at work, horses and carts are heard, birds twitter from the roof tops (yes, TWITTER was not unheard of in the times before the internet!) and there is the constant rabble-dabble of the busy citizens out in the street. One can even hear goose, chickens and other assorted lifestock. A good track for both fantasy and historical RPG (as soon as the PC hit town, that is!).

Cthulhu´s Call is an ambient track as well, but instead of relying on “sound effects”, this track uses music in a theatrical way to create a sense of strangeness, unease and tension. “Effects” are used as well, but the instruments are the dominant part here. All in all, the track is really good for any kind of “meet Things that Men Was Not Meant to Know” scene.

Dungeon Realm 1 Remix is spherice, in a dark and brooding way. It is not especially “Dungeon”, so it does include sound elements that remind of a wailing wind (or air movement) in a cave. There are moments of brief “rat chittering” and dropping water, too. I guess it would work with any horror/suspense scene, as long as it is supernatural in nature or just scary/gloomy. One could, for example, use it for a deserted, post-apocalyptic city.

Space Cruiser Bridge ramps up the bling-bling, in the electronic and accustic way. A lot of things in the background make quick beep-sounds, there is the humming of powered devices, the deep vibration of something in the background and of course, the swishing sound of futuristic doors opening and closing once in a while (foot steps include). Otherwise, the bridge is SILENT. There is no voice, artifical or human, just the technology playing its own symphony.

Thunderstorm at Horror-House delivers exactly what the title says. Rain, rolling thunder (not loud enough to be RIGHT THERE, but somewhere near), and scary tunes in the background that would match a horror movie scene where somebody sneaks through a lightless, old house at midnight. This track is for sure not as versatile as the others, but it is for free, so one should not complaint.

All in all, the tracks would cost a couple of dollars if bought individually. Plate Mail Games gives you a good sample of what they offer. I say: go and get it!




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