[SHA] 99 Names for Cyberpunk

cover-webThe fixer known as Ace Glasses looked around the small room, into the face and the eyes of each of the professionals he had gathered here. His poker face was up, but he could read in those of the others like in an open book. That was one of the things he made a living with: judging people. So it was no surprise to him as the young gothic that was known among hackers as „Coretaker“ raised his voice in disbelieve „I guess that -everybody- at this table knows that this zaibatsu is one of the traditionalists“. „Traditional as in: affiliated with the Yakuza“ Kay Kabuki added. The gamine faceman crossed his arms in front of his chest. A show act. Ace had worked with him before and knew his gamble: he wanted a better cut. „So, as soon as our palsy boy here fucks anything up, we have a bunch of killers coming our way.“ Coretake was about to answer Mrs. Y, the hands-on tech-talent of the team, with some bragging about his skills, but A.G. cut him short. „It will be impossible for Coretaker to get to the data in time AND to block any tracer routines. The cyberspace defenses of this corp are top notch. We have only time to do one of the two things, so he will focus on the data. No data, no payment“. „Is it your regular set-up for the v-work again?“ Kay titled his head slightly. The faceman obviously has guessed something, or knew something. So, A.G. decided to put the cards onto the table. „No. They are currently not available. The Violence Department will be taken care of by a new asset, going by the name of Assegai. He will team up with She-Gun to take care of anybody who shows up before…“ „WHAT?!“ Mrs. Y jumped up from her chair so fast that she knocked it over. “That psycho-wired nutcase?? You actually WORK with her!?” Coretaker tried his best to hide his confusion and failed miserably at it, while Kay Kabuki finally made his move. “Mrs. Y hits the nail on the head here. The broad you are talking about is not stable, and nicked the cops three times by now. She is hot and a loose gun.” Silence filled the room again, and Ace Glasses let it linger exactly this one moment that makes the difference between having the fish on the hook and loosing the bait. “True, and I know the risk. For this job I double my usual offer” he said calmly, and with a hint of a smile.

99 Names for Cyberpunk Characters. The next time you need a “street worthy” name, read through this list and pick the name that suits best. Or use the names as an inspiration for the next sub-cultural, itty-gritty street-smart NPC you want to confront your players with.

Those who follow me know that I am releasing a list-of-names once in a while, and 99 Names for Cyberpunk Characters is just the latest addition to my growing portfolio. It works well with my Get-A-Goon(Pay-what-you-want) if a GM just needs some muscle with a big name to it, but other names in this collection will work for other archetypes as well. And as nobody reads my blog for my advertisement alone, I will share 18 names with you here.

# Name # Name # Name
1 Dropdead 7 MM-9 13 Vi.RUS
2 Eelectric 8 Mr. Smiles 14 Vicky Vibe
3 El Bonito 9 Mrs. Y 15 Watch Doc
4 Fanny Face 10 Neoncrawler 16 Whiplash
5 Front Paige 11 Nina Next 17 Wirecat
6 Funster 12 Noize 18 X.O.

Thanks for your attention!
…and while you are already at it, please have a look at 30 Random Problems: Cyberpunk and my Ammo Clip Tracker (Pay-what-you-want), too!


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