FATE NPC: Sir Connerly & his Squire

Originally, I planned to use an NPC knight errant (and his squire) to function as the hook for my next FATE(tm) session (tomorrow evening it will be), but after a while it came to my mind that it would be better to use one of the PC (or more precisely, one of the PC´s ambitions) as a hook. But, the NPC was already written, so my blog post… so here you have it!

I have a couple of tools in my arsenal for such situations, including Insta-NPCs#1: Motivation, Attitude and Appearance. They keep me from using the same archetypes all over again (without even noting it). If an NPC is not overly important for the game (and in this case, the knight is just a McGuffin) I tend to roll up some basics first.

[Results >>Motivation: Destiny#Attitude: Fancy#Worn; Outdoorsy]

Sir Connerly of Boarswood turned out to have the appearance of a poor knight: his clothes show wear, he looks a little emaciated and his hair and beard have been kempt with a knife and not with a scissor. But his manners are that of courtier, his eyes are astute and he carries himself with dignity. Since the first rumors of fiends had came up, Sir Connerly -knew- that his time had come. He had not only been raised, but born to defend the common people, and THIS was the enemy God wanted him to slay. His father was not happy to have his firstborn go out on adventures to hunt “serf´rumors and hearsay”, but a confrontation with a witch that turned into a mountain cat with a woman´s face right in front of the young knight´s eyes was all confirmation that he himself needed (even so it came weeks after he had left his father´s home).

He is accompanied by his young (and kinda weak-looking) squire, Toddwin (whom I created with a bit of help from Henchmen & Minions as well as A Simple Plan), who is a cousin of Sir Connerly. While he tends to keep his mouth shut (and the knight does not tend to ask him about his opinion often), he would really wish that they would just go home instead of seeking out such daring challenges. After all, shouldn´t one stay home to defend the own fiefdom? Or at least have a few men-at-arms around on such an errand? But he has sworn an oath in the name of God (and King Henry), so he will obey and follow, as it is proper.

[Sir Connerly of Boarswood]

Aspects: Youthful and Driven Knight Errant; It is my Destiny to slay monsters; looks of a beggar, heart of a king

Great (+4): Rapport
Good (+3): Will, Melee
Fair (+2): Riding; Investigate; Physique
Average(+1): Resources; Athletics; Contacts; Ride

[Toddwin, the Squire]
Aspects: Young squire; Wary & Weary; Godfearing;
Good (+2): Squire*
Average(+1); Notice; Crafts


These are not exactly the skills I gonna use in my game (as I use a different skill set), but I wanted to provide NPC that other FATE(tm) GM could adopt. I just invented the skill *Squire, as I wanted the NPC to be agood squire, but was unsure which skill would cover it. Thereby, whenever there is a task I deem “typical for a squire”, this will be the base value of the NPC.


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