[SHA] 99 Names for Space Stations


Space Stations are common in many forms of science fiction, especially in the more fantastic variants. Characters in galaxy spanning campaigns will visit merchant outposts,deep space rescue holdouts, rogue hideouts and even pirate holdings. Even the more realistic settings will have a fair share of refueling depots, relay points, way stations and extraterritorial enclaves. And all those need names.

Gregorius21778: 99 Names for Space Stations is a list of just that. The next smuggler haven might be Circel 9, the next way station for navigation and CommRelay could be Nadir or Hightower while the next merchant base or asteroid mining hub could be Dovecote, Siberia or Hollowrock.

The names are released under the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC-BY–SA-4.0). In short, you are allowed to share and adapt my work as long as you give me and my work proper credit [“(…) taken from/based on 99 Names for Space Stations”] and release your material under this very same license. This does include using it commercially.




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