Fiend of Mudheath (Session 2; Part 2)

German Disclaimer for my LotFP players: Hallo, mein Spieler. Bitte lest dies hier erst wenn ich es freigebe, sonst SPOILERED ihr euch am Ende. Here is the second part of what happened during the second session of „The Fiend of Mudheath“ (as I played it with my FATE(tm) group. If you just came in, you […]

[OSR] A Question of Alignment

I don´t know about you, but to me the alignment system of classic OSR is a bit… awkward. I am playing Lamentations of the Flame Princess, so a Cleric is always „Lawful“ while a Magic-User is always „Chaotic“. And you know what? It seems like a no-brainer to be Neutral or Chaotic otherwise. After all, […]

[LotFP] Chapel of Starvation

I started to play a computer game called Sunless Sea. It is a dark steampunk fantasy/horror game where London „was stolen by bats“ (yes, that made me scratch my head, too) and now rests in a gigantic cave at a dark oceaon. Welcome to the Underzee. It is about steampunk, being a captain, exploring the […]

[SHA] GM´s Day Sale on

Hi everyone. is having another GM´s Day Sale, and of course a lot of my titles are available at a discount now as well. Please click on the banner below to have a look at my shop there. Thanks for your attention. Oh! And if you are an OSR GM, please have a look […]

Monster for You: Another Blob

Blobs are rather common monsters and appear in a multitude of colors. While not as ubiquitous as skeletons, orcs and goblins, there is no seasoned high fantasy PC that has not faced a blob once or twice already. I wonder if H.P Lovecraft is to blame for those creatures or if there was a blob […]

Plate Mail Game is having a weekend sale

Hi folks! I just wanted you to know that Plate Mail Games is having a weekend sale, so there titles are available for a reduced price. I got myself Celtic Battle (which is real rowdy affair, and a DRONING horn), Medieval City 2 (the sounds center a bit more on crafts here); Medieval City: Main […]