Music: God´s away on business (Tom Waits)

I like the lyrics, and I like the raspy, hoarse non-singing voice of Tom Waits when he slams them down to a music that is reminiscent (to me) of an old steam machine or locomotive. “Go on, go on, go on” it seems to say without a word. Whatever it takes, go on, go on. […]

Oh, the Stupidity! (Cambrimen)

The Veins of the Earth are home to a lot of strange beings. On a second thought, I would be hardly pressed to name even one creature or sentient being within that isn´t strange, horrible or both. A thing that the procedures of the MPAA taught us is that whenever there is horror, there must […]

Will the Blood-Drenched Room resurface?

On Friday 13th the Blood-Drenched Room, a little piece of OSR freebee that I initially released last year on Halloween, resurfaced again for a limited time. Now, a week later, it is long gone… but still lingers. Do you wish to summon it anew? All that it takes this time are seven (or more) LIKES […]

Strange NPC extras for a village

A player of mine recently stated that whatever I bring to the table as a GM reminds him of certain RPG sessions where I introduce the group to the DarkHeresy (Warhammer 40K) RPG and the planet of Dusk (swamps; oil lamps; horrible monsters, a miserable life). I guess he wanted to point out that I […]

Shout out for: Hack&Slash – Crypt Contents

I just want to give a quick shout out for an article on the Hack & Slash blog about Crypt Contents. The article about how to do it (and not to do it) hits the point. Additional thanks to Justin Stewart and the “Blogs that crush like a mace” section on his Dragons Gonna Drag […]

Matango: Old. Odd. Inspiring?

A while ago I was finally able to watch Matango, an old Japanese movie from Toho Ltd. (famous for Godzilla and other kaiju films). This one is not about giant monster rampages, also it has monsters in it (it is also titled “Matango – Attack of the Mushroom People”), and maybe back in the days […]

LotFP Character Classes (in a biased nutshell)

Clerics heal the holy s**t out of you, among casting other useful “aid-spells” Fighters doe one thing, and one thing only: grow tough, and turn tough enemies into Schaschlik. Magic-Users do their (godless?) witchcraft. When their spells are burned up, they are as squashable as an ant (armor limitations) Specialists become really good at what […]

Sunless Sea: The Battle of “WTF!?”

Well, honestly, this blog post is just another screenshot from Sunless Sea, a game I mentioned already. This time, I stumbled upon a group of coursairs in the middle of a mushroom forest on a certain island (Matango, anyone?). Well, what happened during this battle was something I wanted to share with you. I guess […]