Monster for You: irKASHra

As I made the brainstorming for Coldbless Caves, I planned to include a two-headed “Chaos Troll” (a name to emphasize that this creature is even more steeped in chaotic energies than this breed of monster usually is) I named it irKASHra: one head would say its name is Irkash, while the other would fall in […]

6 happenings for an OSR tavern

There is no location that is used as often in OSR fantasy RPG as “the tavern”. In fact, I guess that taverns are even more prominent than dungeons. Sessions tend to start in it, leg work is done in them and more often than not the PC will spend an evening a night in one […]

[Session Prep] Nightmares in Caverns

GM´ing in panic mode. This should not happen, but it does. It happened to me last Sunday. I had my LotFP group at my place again, narrated their return to Spillswick, had them meet ye alchemist (and Turlough), sell their loot and even had them hooked for THEIR trip to Mudheath… and somewhere after Ravenpine […]