One Page Dungeon: Coldbless Caves

There is an annual competition about One Page Dungeons, and this year I submitted an entry as well.

It is my first try in this format ever, and without the great how-to-draw-dungeons tutorials of Dyson Logos I would have never been able to come even close to draw a map (big THANK YOU, Mr. Dyson!). Now, some judges are brooding over the 161 entries they got in response to their contest.

Time to release my first attempt into the world wide web. I noted some flaws (I failed to clear up “orphaned words” after some text editing, for examples) so I might not make it into the finals (and from what I saw, the competition is TOUGH).  But I guess my work is good enough for a little OSR evening. So, here it is: the Coldbless Caves. A little, system-neutral OSR snack. For you. For free. From my DropBox. PDF.





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