[German][Balderdash] Eklat

Als in der ersten Hälfte dieses Jahr ein Spieler der deutschen Nationalmannschaft einen gemeinsamen Fototermin mit Erdogan hatte, war das für die Mehrheit der deutschen Medien ein Eklat. Das Thema wurde noch mehre Tage im Anschluss beleuchtet, analysiert, debatiert. Der Spieler zog sich als Folge aus der Aufstellung der Nationalelf zurück. In der zweiten Hälfte […]

Session Prep: The Three in September´18

Attempts at being smart often end in additional work to be done. I tried being smart a while ago. My LotFP Dunnsmouth group came back from Skullmountain, and would perhaps just have had themselves two nights of rest in Spillswick before they would have returned to there, with refreshed hit points and additional gear. But […]

[MF] Offers at the Mutant Village

Villagers in the Mutant Future(tm) don´t value the same things as adventurers do. To them, life is already dangerous enough. They only venture forth into the unknown when they have to and rather tend to the fields, their life stock and communal projects. As a result, they usually not to have THAT much use for […]

[VotE] Broken Things; Two

In August 2017 I posted an article on my blog about six different Gilgamash. Each started with a name that I created something out of. Now, in September 2018, I add the missing two parts that will turn those six creations of mine into Gilgamash true to the pattern provided in Veins of the Earth […]