Gray Ravage: A mutagenic virus for Mutant Future(tm)

The disease known as „Gray Ravage“ is a wild strain of a mutagetic bio-weapon of the pre-apocalyptic age. It largely follows the optional rules for diseases found ont p. 47/48 of the Mutant Future(tm) rules. In addition to affecting abilities, „Gray Ravage“ messes with the genetic make-up of the victim. After each cycle of the infection duration that did not ended with the victim having overcome the mutagenic disease, a random mutation is added to the existing ones. The first roll is done with a d6, all others are with a d12. Mutations that the victim already has are re-rolled.

Infection is possible through direct contanct with fluids of a victim.

Symptoms include fever, palpitation, general agitation, spasms, muscle pain, insomnia, loss of hair and hunger. Once the genetic disease has been overcome, another Saving Throw determines if the character is still a carrier of the disease. Pure Strain Humans are immune against Gray Ravage, as are Plant Mutants.

Save Modifier: -2

Infection Duration: 3 weeks

Affected Stats: CON -3; INT -2; STR: -2

Damage per day: 1d6-3 (0 to 3).

Gray Ravage Mutations(d6/d12)

01: Bizarre Appearance (Gray Skin, Wide Pupils, Prominent Canine Teeth, Hairless)

02: Increased Caloric Needs

03: Pain Insensitivity

04: Atrophied Cerebellum

05: Berserker (2 out of 6 chance to attack allies for 1d4 rounds after all enemies are overcome)

06: Carnivorous (vomits up any food that is not meat).

07: Natural Weapon (Teeth and Claws; 1d4+STB)

08: Thermal Vision

09: Enlarged Muscles (+2 Strength)

10: Accute Sense (Smell)

11: Increased Reflexes (only ambushed on 1 out of 6)

12: Enlarged Arms & Hands (+1 damage in melee).

Gray Ravager

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d4)
Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic
Movement: 120´(40´)
Armor Class: as per armor
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d4+2 or as weapon
Save: L3
Morale: 7

Gray Ravagers are mutant humans that have become victims of the Gray Ravage mutagenic virus (see above). They typically have ALL the mutations associated with the disease (and perhaps 1d3 further random mutations). They are not a species, and cannot reproduce. Gray Ravagers are encountered alone or in very small groups, as their caloric needs and carnivorous habits would have larger groups end up turning on one another. While they are less intelligent than average (due to their atrophied cerebellum) they are not bestial but often cunning. Some can be reasoned with, others are just roving killers. Due to their often infectious nature (50% are carriers of the mutagetic disease that made them what they are), Gray Ravagers are shunned by other mutants and forbidden to enter settlements. Sometimes pure strain humans (who are immune to their disease) are known to trade with Gray Ravagers, or to employ them for special tasks (often as hunters, scouts, scavengers or mercenaries).


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