[MF] The Six Bites of a Rat

One thing that I never liked about ordinary rats in Mutant Future(tm) is that their bite may deliver a lethal disease that can kill a mutant in 1d6 days.

That is especially… odd… as the optional rules for diseases state that the inhabitants of the mutateted future are able to weather infections that the people of today need a vaccine for. Well, I brewed up six new diseases. And here they are, Mutant Future(tm) compatible.

Purple Hallow
Save Modifier: +1
Infection Duration: 24 hours
Affected Abilities: None
Damage per day: 1

Purple Hallow has its name from the purple colour of flesh and skin around the wound it was contracted through. An affected character will not heal naturally and will lose 1 hit point per day as the infection worsens.

The Wasting
Save Modifier: +/-0
Infection Duration: 1d3+1 days
Affected Abilities: CON -3; STR -3
Damage per day: 1

It starts with a bit of cold sweat, a few hours later the character begins to feel weak. Then, the body begins to waste away

Rapid Fever
Save Modifier: -2
Infection Duration: 2 days
Affected Abilities: INT-1; DEX-1; STR-1; CON-1

Rapid Fever will set in the next time the character exhaust himselfs (combat or any other streneous activity), not after 24 hours. There is no damage per day, but the character needs two turns to recover from exhaustion instead of one.

General Maladie
Save Modifier: -1
Infection Duration: 1 day
Affected Abilities: all Saving Throws -1

A general maladie does not cause any damage. It simply weakens the character.

Yellow Spots
Save Modifier: -3
Infection Duration: 1 week
Affected Abilities: CON -2; Saving Throws vs. Poison/Disease -2
Damage per day: 1d3

Yellow Spots is an infection that harms and hurts the kidneys. The body is not able to defend itself against poisons and diseases, and even begins to poisons itself.

Save Modifier: +2
Infection Duration: 1 week
Affected Abilities: CON -3
Damage per day: 2d6 per day unless a Saving Throw vs Death is passend

The infection directly attacks the heart, and the character has a daily chance for a light heart attack (see above)


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