A Report of Things I did Wrong.

Well, last Saturday I met with my Fate(tm) RPG group again. I was going to sent them away from the Northern Wall (think “The Wall” from Game of Thrones and you get the picture) to accompany a cleric (in this case it means: Paladin) to the ruin of a tower about two days travel away. […]

Gregorius21778 December 2018 UPDATE

The midst of the last month of 2018, and thereby my last UPDATE in this year. If you look for something Christmas themed, I will have to disappoint you. But if you are either into OSR Fantasy or into SciFi in general, some of my current offers might be for you.

[MF] Those damn Morlocks

The post-apocalyptic village of Hayley River was doing well. Finally, they had managed to cull the Spider-Goats enough to reduce the danger for newborn rabboxen to an acceptable degree, and the irrigation of their fields resulted in crops that provided a surplus to sell to traveling merchants. All was FINALLY well, till people disappeared.