The Lair of the Soup Wyrm

Last time I introduced you to the Soup Wyrm and its Wyrm Soup. But players would not be players if their characters would not sooner or later start nosing around in places they are not meant to be. Like, the Lair of the Soup Wyrm. Read on to learn about the lair and the soup itself.

Side view


The hole that leads down to its lair is neither very large (about 4 feet in diameter) or very deep (12 or 14 feet from the upper ledge straight down to the floor. Yet, somebody that ends up down there without help from above will have a hard time to climb back up on his or her own. No matter how long one studies the route, it will not become easier than Hard [3] to climb back up from the ground. And there is this green shine from around a bend or curve down below. As soon as somebody is half way down the tunnel, the character will smell the soup.

Trap: Webbing
The Soup Wyrm secured this entry to its lair with an organic webbing it is able to produce. This material is the “veil” its head is covered with as soon as it emerges. The webbing is milky, sticky and thick. When the web is pulled at, the Soup Wyrm will note it by a strand that its attaches to both the web and itself. But this is “trap” has not the quality of the webbing of spiders: after all, it is just one strand the monster holds on to. A character that carefully removes the web, balls it up and takes care to hold the strand connecting it to the Soup Wyrm at roughly the same tension (2 in 10 chance, modified by the character´s DEX bonus) will be able to surprise the Soup Wyrm

Top view

The cave that it made its lair is large, but the ceiling is rather low (see the maps of the cross section and the top view). Near the entrance rest a large iron cauldron with four long feet on the ground, right above a number of fist-sized black stones that seem to burn on their own with a green flame. Inside of the cauldron bubbles and boils Wyrm Soup. On the other side of the cave there is a letter box squeeze (rather wide, but not much heigher than a foot). It leads deeper down into the Veins.

The Soup Wyrm will either be found stirring the soup with one of its spider legs or holed up against the wall far from the entry and the soup. It sleeps a lot (2 out of 6 chance to find it awake), but even in sleep it has a very acute sense of hearing.

The Soap and the Diet of the Wyrm
The Wyrm feeds on the fluids and soul of the its victims. Once the monster strangled them to death, it sucks them out of them. What remains, it throws into the cauldron, together with its own excretions. This it lets boil till it has soup. What the other bring for trade, it simply adds to the soup. The whole reason for doing it is to lure people to its lair. When it is one, and only one…. it strike and feeds. That is one of the reasons why sends away larger groups of people. It never says -why- (that would be to obvious), but counts on those coming to figure out that is has something to do with the number of people coming.

The Cauldron and the Burning Stones
The Cauldron is a simple iron cauldron. It is nothing special about it, aside from the fact that it somehow made its way down into the Veins of the Earth and has not rusted yet. The stones are the compact evil and sin of the soul it consumed. It excretes them separate from the waste fluids. Once they are dried, they start to burn on their own and will continue to do so for 1d4 month, before they break up and turn to ashes. They only stop burning when they immersed in water.


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