Robotic Relics: the C.A.R.S.U

Before the fall of civilizitation, Commercial Autonomous Repair Service Units (C.A.R.S.U.; huge, six armed robots on  self-propelling six-wheeled carriages) responded to repair calls of hover-cars and automated drones in an assigned area. Their function was basically that of a mobile emergency repair station. All C.A.R.S.U. were deployed by private companies, and always charged a service fee up front. Very few models were community or state financed and deployed in remote areas to provide emergency without an immediate fee. While C.A.R.S.U. were not as sophisticated as later Repair Bot models, they were never decommissioned on a broad scale due to their reliability and low maintenance. Some of them continued to operate even after the apolcaypse.

Power Source: Radioactive Battery
Frame: Armature
Locomotion: Wheels (6 wheeler)
Manipulators: six arms >> four Special-Use Grippers; one Probe; one Hand.
Armor: Duraplastic Casing [AC:5]
Sensors: Class III System
Mental Programming: Programming
Accessories: AV Recorder; Fire Extinguisher; Internal Storage Unit (tools and parts); Vocalizer; Repair Unit*; Floodlights;

HD: 3
Hit Points: 80
Damage: 1d8 / 1d8 (see below)
Speed: up to 50 miles per hour (travel); or up to twice as fast as a human (otherwise)

The head of a CARSU contains different sensors and cameras. All interaction with a human are recorded (so that evidence of given repair orders were present in case of a law suit). A large container mounted behind the torso stores different tools, spare parts as well as energy storage units. When encountered, the robot will briefly scan any character and/or robot for damage/damaged items before it offers repairs. When a character asks for the repair of a robot, drone or vehicle the CARSU will have a look at the item in question (and even follow to any location not further than 1d4+1 hours of travel away from its current location). It will ask for “Linkless Credit Transfer” first (or something similar that the characters will not be able to provide) before it will begin any repair. Some models do accept “Classic Silver Dollar” (sp) instead, but only up to 100 sp. No CARSU will respond to requests of mutant animals, mutant plans or mutant humans with an Abberant Form largely differs from the human norm.

CARSU are able to repair all devices of Condition 3 to 5 for 5d6 x4 sp. Its Repair Unit counts as a Robotic Repair Unit, but cannot replicate parts.  CARSU do not attack or fight human beings, no matter what (vandalism and theft were a lesser financial loss compared to charges for killing and maiming), but will try to flee at top speed in the case of an attack.

Potential Loot (number of rolls determined by the GM):

01-30: Spare parts that are equal to 4d6 hit points for a robot.
31-55: 1d4 Specialised Tools (Car/Robot Repair).
56-60: 5d6 Power Cells.
60-70: 3d6 Power Packs.
71-74: 1d4 Minifusion Cells.
75- 80: 1d4 Radioactive Batteries.
81- 88: 1d4 cans of Boron Solution Spray.
89-90: 1d4 Ion Bonding Tapes.
91-95: 1d8 Light Rods.
96-00: 1d4 Mini Fire Extinguishers.





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