More Items from the Black Galley

The Merchants of the Black Galleys trade only in rubies, and only accept payment in gold. This is known to every other merchant in any harbor of Europe that they have ever visited. But those that dare to approach the outlandish merchants in the secluded niches of the ill-frequented harbor taverns may be offered some rather personal items by one of them. In fact, they seem to haggle about those with glee once the ice has been broken.

The Red Eyes that See are a set of two large and peculiar cut rubies. If a character that is drunk from Scarlet Wine lies down and puts those upon his or her clothed eyes, will after a turn gain see strange things with the inner eye: the cosmos hazed by a eerie vapors and a nebula never seen before. When the character now focuses the own thoughts on a certain area or building, his or her sight will hurl through the cosmos and the nebular to that place, which is then perceived in a rapid succession of feverish impressions before this state of vision ends abruptly. The effect is akin to the cleric spell Divination, but was bestowed upon by the forces of the Outer Gods. Thereby, the character is unable to hide his presence (by mundane as well as magical means) from any servant of the Outer Gods with a level/HD of 4+ for a number of days equal to the own level. Merchants only part from the Red Eyes for 20gp (if they possess such at all).

The Wishful Heart is a large ruby that´s surface reflect the lighter in a soft, glittering way when held just right. It is a talisman that is meant to give good luck to any undertaking that is disclosed to it. A character that handles the Wishful Heart for a while (at least 5 rounds) and thinks or speaks about an upcoming endeavor will become calm and confident about the matters at hand (+2 on all Saving Throws for the upcoming day). The same time, the Moral and Loyality of each and every retainer towards this character is reduced by one, even if they do not know about the Wishful Heart: they feel that there is some eerie and unseizable change to the character in question. A Wishful Heart will only be sold for at least 50gp. If it is stolen, the one who did it becomes cursed: the thief will be unwilling to give away the Wishful Heart, no matter what, and when the character´s henchmen and hirelings lose their trust to them a separate Moral check tells if those will try to steal from him or her before parting ways.

A Most Singular Skull: a merchant offers a character the content of a small leather pouch that he wears on a string around the neck: a tiny, singular animal skull. It looks like that of a rat, yet again like that of snake but then again not like any of the two. The merchant will explain to the character that this talisman protects against “vile spirits from the beyond”, and this not a lie. When this skull is worn on person, it does protect the wearer like a 2nd level Protection from Evil against all summoned creatures and those who are spawns of the Outer Gods if they have 3 or less HD. In turn, the character suffers from a (+1) penalty to all Saves vs. Magic or Devices as long as he or she wears the skull on person.


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