For an upcoming Veins of the Earth session of mine, I invented the Lightthieves. They will not make much sense for those used to other OSR games, as the light sources there do not have a “Strength”. But the rule of the Veins in that regard is simple: the Strength of a light source is […]

d12 Pre-Apocalyptic “Weapons”

“Broken… broken… hair dryer… ” [Doctor Who in Season 1 Episode 6; „The Dalek“] Mutant Future(tm) has survivors who have lost most of their understanding of the pre-apocalyptic world that pick up “artifacts of technology” to figure out what they are good for. Many will have learned that “the ancients” owned powerful weapons, and what […]

Secrets of Cats: Brownspeck

I started a Fate(tm) game in the world of Secrets of the Cats recently, and we are currently in the middle of the adventure that is part of the core book. During character creation, we discussed the use of the Alchemy skill (from the Feline Magic) supplement. My players and I agreed that the time […]

What is this Meat?

A simple question, so perhaps out of context. What is the context? Decide for yourself, and then see what you may do with the provided 20 possible answers. This blog post has been inspired by Roll XX from Neoplastic Press. “Roll XX” was brought to you by The Sentinels of Meregoth (whoever THEY may be)! […]