Secrets of Cats: Brownspeck

I started a Fate(tm) game in the world of Secrets of the Cats recently, and we are currently in the middle of the adventure that is part of the core book. During character creation, we discussed the use of the Alchemy skill (from the Feline Magic) supplement. My players and I agreed that the time to brew up a potion (a week) made it less-than-ideal for most gaming situation. After all, the other schools of magic offered immediate effects instead. I house ruled that any “access shifts” would reduce the brewing time but one day, but even that did not made it attractive to my players.

Later the evening, and well in the game, I improvised a sentient animal NPC (a toad I called Braunfleck, which translates into Brownspeck) that has its Territory (a looong, water filled ditch) at the exact border of one of the PCs. I not only decided to make this one a curmudgeon and morose neighbor, but also an alchemist. The cliché just seemed to fit here. Meet Brownspeck.

[Disclaimer: I ignore next to everything that was published in Animals & Threats, as I like my own stuff better than that]

Brownspeck is a fat, old toad that lives in a water filled moat (so it may be relocated to a pond or any other rather still body of water). It does not bother itself with the affairs of other sentient animals as long as those do not bother it and its territory directly. What it cares about is peace, tranquility and tasty insects. That Brownspeck has become a superb alchemist over the years seems to have something to do with aptitude and lots of practice, as the toad does not seem to really aim for anything but tranquility and a full belly. Rumor has it that Brownspeck is able to brew a potion in its tummy that protects against water completely. That is a trait that cats will find handy, but how can one coerce the ugly old toad to do a favor?

High Concept: Sentient Toad that happens to be a superb Alchemist.
Trouble: Easily Confused and Irritated
Further Aspect: Tranquility is Bliss

+5: Alchemy (see Feline Magic)
+4: Will
+3: Stealth
+2: Lore
+1: Athletics

Physical Stress: [-1]  [-2]
Mental Sress: [-1] [-2] [-3] [-4]
1x Mild Consequence

Powerful Leap (Athletic Stunt): By spending a Fate Point, Brownspeck is able to quickly leap over distances that should be impossible for a toad of its size.

Hydrophobic Potion (Alchemy Stunt):
see Feline Magic


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