4 Magic Items for OSR Games

One of the reasons that I watch odd movies and read odd short stories is, that they often inspire me to create magic items for OSR games. Here are four of such examples. Enjoy.

#1: A Ring of Loving Wishes for Protection
A gift from an oriental princess to her beau. Out of pure love, she wished for him to always be safe, and that wish was so strong that it sought to hinder the gods from doing him harm. If a character of neutral alignment wears it on a middle finger, all harmful clerical spells that target him or her are reduce by two levels in regard to their potency. If the spell´s potency is not scaled by level but allows for a Saving Throw, the Saving Throw gains a +2 bonus. The effect will end for the character (and never work again for him or her, but for future owners) whenever he or she confesses love for another (fake or true) while wearing the ring. It also fades when the wearer is under the effect of a Charm spell.


#2: The Lion Staff
A walking cane made of ivory, with a heavy grip piece sculpted into a lion´s head with open mouth, bearing its fangs. When used to attack a mundane beast (or those mutated or of giantic proportion), the beast must check for Moral after every attack (successful or not).


#3: The Purse of Judas
While it is to be doubted that this is the actual purse of Judas Iscariot, the link between the figure of Christian mythology and the power of this magic item is evident. When it is filled with exactly 30 pieces of silver, given to and accepted by a mortal, the one who offered the purse may ask the recipient for a favor or service. The recipient counts as being under the effect of a Charm spell for said request (with all the rules for possible Saving Throws). The request must be put forth in one sentence. If the sentence is overly convoluted, the effect will not take hold and the petitioner will instead come under the effect of the curse “Tongues of Babel” (nobody will understand what he or she says).


#4: Captured Cyclone
A glass jar that contains what looks like a miniature cyclone. When released (either by opening or destroying the jar), the elemental inside will become a miniature cyclone that affects an area of 50´ in diameter after 1d4 rounds. If released inside a smaller room, it may be smaller than that, but may as well blow down the walls or blow off the roof (if a storm could reasonably do so). The cyclone will last for a turn before it disperses on its own, and is strong enough to throw grown-up men to the ground. It is good to get rid of flying beasts, and a bad thing to release inside of a library.

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