12 Magic Items for the Veins of the Earth

The Veins of the Earth, created by Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess, are a special place. It has its own grimdark vibe to it, which may have most regular fantasy trappings feel awkward or completely out of place. I once again tried to write up some items for this game world. Twelve magic items…

01# Lifelight: A short spear made from two tighbones (sawed and cut, then fasted to another with wraps of tanned skin and bone-glue) and a span long crystal shard for a tip. The weapon counts as a light weapon (but not as a spear, as it is rather short). If it was used to kill a living being AND the tip is kept inside of the body for up to six rounds after the kill, it will begin to shine with red a light. The Strength of the Light is equal to the CON of the slain opponent (or HD x3 or 6 for large monsters), the duration depends on the time the tip has remained in the victim´s corpse (to leech away the „life light“): 1 turn if it was just one round, otherwise the turnss are determined with a 1d4 if it were 2 rounds , d6 if it were 3, d8 if it were 4 and so on…

02# Red Veil of Blinding: a face veil made of gossamer macemaker silk, the color of freshly spilled blood. To those with infrared vision, it shines so bright that it actually blinds them to look at the wearer. If the veil is not worn by a sentient being, there is no effect.

03# Stomach Pouch: a pouch made from a LARGE creature´s stomach. It is always glistening wet, and never dries. Food will not go off as long as it is stored within. It is large enough to hold the equivalent of three items.

04# Pouch of 69 Eyes: a small pouch that contains 69 eyes. When the wearer would fail a check for surprise, the check is passed and one of the eyes dissolves into goo. A d100 is rolled, and when the result is larger than the remaining number of eyes, all eyes turn to goo. The pouch may be filled up with eyes, but when more than 69 are put into it, all of them will dissolve to goo at once.

05# Blackhair Braid: a very thin braid made of long black hair, a total of 10 feet long. It may be used as a rope, and will automatically knot or untie when the wearer will is it. It may as well be used as whip, which strikes will leave bloody cuts (stats for a regular whip, but counts as a magical weapon). After 2d6 days, the braid will unravel itself. Turning it into the same kind of braid again is a demanding task (one roll with a d20 that may not exceed WIS, and then another one that may not exceed DEX). When one of the rolls are failed, the braid will loses its magical powers for this character forever(but may be used by another, if he or she braids it correctly).

06# Shellhorn of Undisturbed Passage: a signal horn made of the winding shell of a aquatic mollusk. When its wide opening is placed against a water surface and the horn is blown, all submerged creatures within earshot (sound travels far underwater) must Save vs Devices: on a failure, they may not attak for 1d4 turns. On a success, they may not attack for 2d4 rounds.

07# Flintknife of the Bloodlead: a knife made of flint, with a handle of wrapped leather strings. It may used to determine if a path will lead towards an edible creature reachable within less then a days travel or not. This is done by cutting the own hand, sprinkling the blood onto the ground and interpreting the patterns. A character may use it only once per day, but it may be used during the same day by a different character.

08# Amber of Protection: a piece of amber that, when heated and kept into the mouth, will grant a character a +2 bonus on all Saves against spells or other magical effect. The Amber will heat itself more and more inside the mouth: after it has been spit out, the tongue will turn out to be so burned that the character will be unable to speak for a time period thrice as long as the time that the amber was kept inside the mouth. If the amber had been used for an hour or more, a Save vs. Death determines if the tongue will be burned so much that it will fall off within a day. Characters without a tongue cannot make use of the Amber of Protection.

09# Idol of Worms: a crude clay idol a bit larger than a man´s fist, depicting a knot of worms. A character that meditates for an hour while holding it in both hands may travel through a squeeze with the same ease as if it would be a crawl (for one hour).

10# Eyestones: a pair of small, flat and smooth stones. Both have the likeness of an open eye painted on them. A character that puts those on the closed eyes before going to sleep cannot be surprised during sleep, but will wake up just in time.

11# Spine Talisman: a talisman made of a small animal´s spine, threaded onto long hair and worn around the neck on a leather string. The wearer may re-roll any damage from falling once or  may have the spine talisman break and only take the minimum possible damage.

12# Iron Ring of the Empty Eyes: a finger ring of dulled iron, with the likeness of „empty“ looking eyes engraved all over its surface. The wearer may become completely unnoticeable to creatures that count as BLIND (by the rules of VotE) for a turn by turning the ring once around the own finger. Doing so will also leave the character blind for a turn.

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